Travelling song banned

Can’t really talk about this with my friends here because they are not too happy. This song was not approved for a high school graduation. I have my suspicions why

This is the story.

What’s wrong with the song? Seems like a good song to me.

It is possibly a separation of church and state violation.

Very poor judgment not to recognize the cultural significance, instead claiming religious exclusion. Spirituality is not necessarily religion and I suspect they know that. Haters gonna hate.

The statement from the board does use culture and religion interchangeably. I’m betting they got a threat of a lawsuit, but are not going public with that.

What’s your culture/religion distinction?

Indigenous peoples with a spiritual culture that isn’t religious.

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Maybe, but it’s not in English, so how can they tell?

It’s a way of life, as the Natives say.

Personally, i call it religious. But, from a friend of friend, I heard there is a law specific to native American student groups. They are protected, not falling under the 1st amendment.

I’m thinking the next move will be national Indian lawyers.

I used to too. Words and semantics.

Very complex situation, and more proof diversity does not work.

I won’t give up so easy. When I drive north towards my home now, there’s a sign on I-35, it says “1854 Treaty Boundary”. The reservation is much further north. It’s a statement of how we of European descent have broken every treaty and found ways to take what we agreed to give.

If diversity doesn’t work because some people cheat and kill to maintain their positions, then the problem is not diversity.


Every diverse place in the world has one group who dominates that society.

It also doesn’t help your case that WEIRD Whites are the only population in the world who has attempted to “be fair” to people different from themselves. If we failed then it’s hopeless. No one else is even interested.

Probably, because it is what they call their “way of life” and not a religion. That and there is the fact that their culture was nearly destroyed and in the case of some tribes, destroyed. The tribes that are left are few in numbers, especially compared to the general public. Their goal is not indoctrinate, but to educate people about their beliefs and way of life.

Whites fair to those different from them? ROFLMAO! Have you actually learned any history? They are the oppressors and generally write the history books. Whites have never been fair to those different from them, except a small minority of them. The majority of whites oppress.

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Riiiiiight. The Buddha, Confucius, The Mali, didn’t exist.
Eurasian backflow

What might be confusing you is, Europeans are the ones who went out into the world in search of gold and fertile land on other continents. They could have tried to wipe out entire populations, and they did try, but failed, so they changed to pretending to write treaties, or call a subcontinent a “corporation”, or say their god told them to enslave people.

We (“whites”) have only tried to be “fair” after being so insanely abusive and self-privileged that the better part of ourselves realized that we should be ashamed. It is this better part of ourselves that you label WEIRD. Color me weird.

OneGuy likes to remind of us of our weirdness, and that’s good sometimes, but in this case, it’s to a fault. The W, okay, we have pushed our culture on the world, but we’ve brought a lot too. But, Educated and Industrialized? Everyone was trying to be that for a long time, we just emerged as leaders. There is no civilization built on not being educated, only those that do it for some and deny it to others, and the more it has been spread, the stronger civilizations have become.

Then Rich. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Whether you enslaved people, or sold your enemies into slavery, you were going for riches. Native Americans talk about not having a value of accumulating so much that it becomes a sickness, that you put things/stuff above your family and friends, but that’s about motivations and how the riches are used, not just the having or not having.

And Democracy. Come on. There are a few people who don’t want democracry, because they think it will get them more R, but even they pretend to be pro-democracy, because everyone else wants it.

Colonisation was unfair to the colonized people.

In both Americas and in Africa, the results of colonization were a genocide.

In Asia, for instance, the United kingdom made war to China twice to enforce the free trade of opium.

Whatever where the benefits some colonised people got from colonisation, colonisation was not fair.

On the other side, for instance, White people enforced the end of slavery and not for economic reasons.

It does not make colonisation fair, but it must not be neglected.

Equality before the law only exists in White nations. That’s why the oppressed from everywhere else always move there.

Yet the societies those individuals influenced are lacking in equality. Nobody goes to East Asia or India for their fair societies.

Whites could have completely exterminated Native Americans if they wanted to, but they were no longer a threat. Whites then went above and beyond and gave the survivors their own sovereign states and even allowed them to use the Whites’ own legal system against them.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with the acronym WEIRD. To be clear it does not refer to all Whites, just Western Europeans (specifically Northwest Europeans).

And back to the point, only these WEIRD people behave in this way. No one else.

A good example is Japan and Germany after WW2. Germany has spent 80 years apologizing for what they did, whereas Japan has barely acknowledged their wartime behavior.

Maybe it’s because of how and why I came to atheism. I’m not getting this. I’m not going to discuss it in my community because I know mine is an unpopular position. I’d love it if these kids could sing their song, but I see the problems too, and take a hard line on separation.

It’s what Flying Spaghetti Monster and Church of Satan are about. They aren’t about gods or worship, but rather a statement that if your God can be displayed, then any God should be.

I’m okay with Native Americans being a special case. And I understand their religion is integrated into their daily life, so it’s culture, but that’s what all religion once was. I feel like I should be an ally, but I’m more of a bystander.