Melissa Chen pointed me to this article. If you haven’t heard the 1619 project, this is a good introduction to the controversy. There is a link to the historical errors in it that is worth reading in advance. The NYT opinion piece against the project is also linked. I don’t agree with a lot in that one, lots of overstatement.

Thing is, it’s one thing to listen to a podcast, knowing it might have errors and is one-sided, not a true historical scholarly piece. It’s another thing to present it to children, who can’t sort that out. If you do that, it should be accompanied by the scholarly work. It should be for older kids who are capable of sorting out that nuance.

I don’t agree with the opinion that says the 1619 project has failed. More like it became too successful too fast and got out of control, becoming an easy target for ridicule.

Whities can’t handle critique.

… and honesty about our darker chapters pisses them off to no end.

(‘Don’t call me racist, just keep them darkies out of my neighborhood and away from my kids.’)

Welcome to America’s age of totalitarianism - or will the American People make a stand?


On a different though related note,

I hear Moscow Mitch Trump’s Bitch, couldn’t stop cackling at his success with shutting down COVID legislation and ramming through extra right wing nut to judgeships, long enough to have a serious debate.



Good take by Greenwald as usual. It is ridiculous for journalists to call for other journalists they don’t agree with to be censored — especially over something as piss poor as the 1619 project — but that is the world we live in.

Actually that’s not totally true. It’s the world they live in and as Greenwald pointed out, they helped create it, so f*** them.

The biggest downside is it doesn’t really matter as woke journalism is not about facts but feelings. The woke audience is fine with that. Maybe the journalistic integrity and editorial freedom Greenwald believes in is simply obsolete.