Tips to feel Better in the Pandemic

"I have heard many stories about my friends, family members, and colleagues feeling extremely unproductive and low these days. This lock-down imposed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 was the last thing expected. We cannot go to watch movies, favorite shopping malls, and cannot see our best friends whom we can live without. This change has been not handled well by some of us, especially for those who got laid-off by their employers. So I have gathered a few tips to help you feel better:

  1. Read that favorite book you always wanted to dig in. You have all the time now.

  2. Get that summer body you always dreamt about. Exercise as much as you can.

  3. Don’t think you are wasting time without being productive. it was nature’s choice to slow down. 4) Try out all the recipes you have always wanted to and don’t forget to share it with your neighbors too (if still edible). 5) If you have lost your job recently, relax and rest as much as you can. You Deserve it! Try to find some great opportunities that allow remote work so you still have the cash flowing in. 6) Don’t stress, this shall pass soon too! "

I just, right now, got a call. The younger sister of a best friend of mine, when I was growing up, just died from COVID-19. She was 55. I only remember her as a little girl.

@timb I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s loss! I am so sad and grief-stricken at the moment that I am facing a dearth of words. I can completely understand how it feels like to hear about the death of someone’s death. Please stay strong and convey my condolences to your friend. You can feel free to talk to us here. This is the purpose of my post, to ease the fears attached to the pandemic. we are all in it together. This virus is proving to be unmerciful. to us. Stay Safe!

It hurts, it’s utterly surreal thinking of what we’ve done and where it’s taking us. Tim, been trying to find a song to share, but it’s not working, I think I was already depressed too focus. …


I’m expecting more of those calls, but only from people my age and older. It’s a harder when it’s someone younger. I hope the family is doing well.

I think I am at the age when most people start having family, friends, and family of friends, etc, die off at a higher rate than before. Compounded by our current days of Corona, this is, I think, intensified.

@timb @lauston

I was concerned about the age being one of the factors behind death caused by COVID-19. But I have heard so many younger people, mostly working at the forefront, dying of this virus too. Some of them were doctors and nurses, some were army personnel. That’s why I have always made sure to remind young people to be as careful as everyone else. Yes I do understand older people are at higher risk, but I feel if younger ones are taking care and help in flattening the curve, It won’t transmit as rapidly as it usually does. I hope you all will be safe from this virus.

Young people can die of C-19, but more often they are just potential transmitters, probably most of them having light or no symptoms. But they can still infect their loved ones.

Although, there is an emerging disorder for children that seems to be associated with COVID-19. It is a rare illness that has been found in children in Europe and the US, that seems to occur weeks after exposure and even after recovery from C-19. It is a multisystem inflammatory disorder in children that can be fatal.


Yes, true about young people being the transmitters. Doctors have said young people have higher chances of recovery, given overall health is good.
I couldn’t even recover from the shock of COVID-19 and this Kawasaki- like a rare disorder in children sent another wave of chill down my spine. Seriously, how many surprises and onset of shocking and novel maladies are yet to be announced in 2020. I have no idea what to feel about this particular year. Children are already delicate and close to my heart. I hope they will at least find a cure to that fatal disorder in children, if not yet for Covid-19.

If someone gets a bad case of COVID-19, for now, I think the best treatment bet would be to try to get in on the trials for convalescent plasma from C-19 survivors.

@timb Do you think it is the ultimate solution to COVID-19? I have also been reading about convalescent plasma therapy. I used to hear about it in the past how doctors used plasma of recovered patients to treat flu, measles, polio, chickenpox, SARS, and Ebola in the 19s. Some studies showed that the recovered patient’s blood protein or antibodies are more powerful than a vaccine made from scratch. One of the downside to this treatment option would be the risk of developing other contagious diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. So I can understand how hard it would be for scientists to finally pass their verdict about one ultimate treatment since every possible solution comes with pros and cons. I am also guessing that the number of infected patients is currently higher than the recovered patients worldwide, so the demand is more than supply. This would also count as a con to this treatment option.

Right, the supply of plasma is more limited than the demand will probably be for convalescent plasma, but that is the treatment that is available NOW, that I, with my high risk category, would want most. We don’t know all we will know about it. But sometimes you just gotta go with what you know, NOW.

2nd choice, now, Remdisivir

3rd choice, now, some lipstick, so I can draw a set of lips, when I bend over and kiss my ass goodbye

Oh, the ultimate solution to COVID-19?

It could be that one or more successful vaccines are made and 70% or more of the pop of the world will make us all, essentially immune in our herd. – Problem solved.

HOWEVER, a successful vaccine may NEVER be produced. That is possible, because Coronaviruses have been known and studied intensively, and no vaccine has ever been developed, so far. (The common cold is Coronavirus. When I was growing up, there was a saying, “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t cure the common cold.”

I could go more into conjecture re: what will happen, in that case, but I shall not bore or frighten you with such.