This year I'm doing something I never do

I’m voting a straight Democrat ticket. I’m not even bothering to look up the candidates records or platform or stance on any issue.

The first time I ever voted I followed my father-in-law’s advice and just pulled the “Democrat” lever. I regretted it ever since. To be fair, the Internet wasn’t much of a “thing” back then and nobody in my family ever even bothered to vote, much less talk politics besides bitching about “Peanut Mouth” Carter (I have no idea, so don’t ask) being on TV again when I was too young to vote. But still, that party-line, uneducated vote has always stuck in my craw. I felt dirty, like an idiot just doing what he was told.

This year I’m going to do the same thing again, but not because I’m just doing what someone else says. This year I’m doing it because I believe that the ONLY way Republicans will be forced to accept the results of the election is if the numbers all down every ballot reflect an obvious see of change which says, “We don’t like what you’ve been doing. Stop doing that if you ever want to be able to cheat to win an election again.” If we speak loudly enough maybe they’ll stop all the bullshit about “voter fraud” as an excuse to put roadblocks in the way of the people voting.

And then there is the census. Trump and Republicans are going to try really hard to fuck the numbers in their favor to make it even harder for Democrats to win. The last presidential election was too close for Republicans. If they had disenfranchised just two million fewer voters they would have BARELY WON the presidency. We need a cooperative, competent government in place controlled by people who object to a fascist takeover of the country to fix whatever fuckery they put into place.

And then there’s redistricting. Democrats cheat a little when drawing up districts, Republicans cheat as much as the law will possibly allow, and testing where that line is in states like North Carolina.

The first time I voted I voted a straight Democrat ticket without doing any research and have been ashamed of it ever since. This time I’m voting a straight Democrat ticket without doing any research and have never been more proud of my voting decision. I don’t care if there are credible claims that the Democrat candidate eats babies. We can replace them after the election with someone who doesn’t eat babies. I’d rather have Hannibal Lecter in charge than Adolf Hitler. We can remove Hannibal the Cannibal from office when we can prove he’s a monster. We can’t do the same for Moscow Mitch.

I’ve always voted straight Democrat when I vote- both in primaries and the main one. While my grandparents, aunt, and mother were Repugs and always voted Repugs, I’ve always voted Dem. I cannot with a good conscious vote Repug. In this election we really do need more people to vote Democrat, if not the whole nation. Sadly, we won’t get the whole nation, because the dotard minions won’t do it, but I think there are enough people disgusted with the Repugs this time around, they we could end up with a landslide win, as well as take over the both House and Senate. At least I’m hoping. This election, everyone needs to vote like their lives depend on it, because it does. I think we can even get rid of Moscow Mitch too.

I can’t think of a valid reason someone would regret voting for Jimmy Carter. I voted for him and am more certain than ever I made the right choice. After America’s disastrous and completely unnecessary war in Vietnam, Jimmy Carter’s emphasis on human rights did a lot to restore America’s standing in the world but Americans seem to form their opinions on how good a president is by the cost of a gallon of gasoline.

I once heard it said by an informed observer that Americans always get the government they deserve and I totally agree. Good governance is commensurate with an informed and fully participating electorate and that is not what we see and hear from our fellow citizens. When we look at this national mirror called American democracy, that face with warts, blemishes and premature aging spots we see looking back at us is ours, yours, and mine.

The American people always get the government they deserve

Well Carter wasn’t fun. He expected American’s to think like adults.

That was going way the hell too far, so America went for Mr. Hollywood who told Americans: Greed is Good, Too Much is Never Enough and fuk the future, never ever mind about the consequences of our action. (oh and learning was to be rejected)

Today we can hear and see how our blinkered All-American Hollywood mindset has worked out for us.

Well actually most are assiduously deaf, dumb and blind to what’s happening to our world and society. Even smart guys have falling into the black hole spiral of self-obsessed, self-delusion which leads to the current growing totalitarian mindset within this nation of overfed losers.

Learning was so rejected that the dotard never learned from his mistakes. He never learned for the consequences of his actions. Dr. Spock would be so disappointed. Either that or Dr. Spock would sound like Mr. Spock and call the dotard an illogical COVIDIOT.

For the record I ALWAYS vote “NOT Republican”. There is no way in hell I’m voting for any Republican. I just don’t always vote Democrat. There are times when that’s okay and then there’s 2020.

Man, I just had a vision of the future. The saying, “Hindsight is 2020” is going to eventually become a political saying admonishing anything Trump-like in our government. If our republic survives past 2021, of course. Expect Republicans to do some shady shit from now until they are removed from power to keep power as long as they can. They’ve been doing that for decades, but it’s going to get worse. More laws disenfranchising voters, more conspiracy theories, unfounded investigations into opponents, massive gerrymandering (I’m not sure they could gerrymander it any more than they already have), a lot more outright intentional election fraud like what happened in North Carolina in 2018 and a shitload of bullshit claims that they want to do one thing when their intent to do another, completely different things is obvious to all.