The Woke washing continues

The wokewashing continues with Neera Tanden getting a new coat of idpol bullshit wash:

Joe Biden, the US president-elect, formally introduced his top economic advisers on Tuesday, as his incoming administration prepares to deal with the worst financial crisis in decades and a resurgent coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s nominations would put several women in top economic roles, drawing a clear contrast with Donald Trump and reflecting his commitment to diversity.

Straight in with the idpol justifications; never mind their record or competence.

They include Janet Yellen, who if confirmed by the Senate will be the first woman to lead the US treasury in its 231-year history. Biden said he “might have to ask Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical about the first treasury secretary, [Alexander] Hamilton, to write another musical” about his new nominee.

You could probably ask him to write one about all the central american regime change coups that he loves too but this is just ridiculously superficial. Trying to appeal to the lovie libs perma-hard-on for Hamilton to ignore asking questions about a major appointment.

Biden’s nominees have all expressed support for government spending to boost employment, reduce inequality and help women and people of colour, disproportionately harmed by the downturn.

Just like when they worked for Obama…right?

And then we get to Darth Tanden.

“I’ve known Neera a long time,” Biden said. “A brilliant policy mind with critical practical experience across government. She was raised by a single mom on food stamps, an immigrant from India who struggled, worked hard and did everything she could for her daughter to live out the American dream, and Neera did just that. She understands the struggles millions of Americans are facing.”

Biden noted that Tanden would be the first woman of colour to run the OMB.

Almost as if it was some kind of agreed upon talking point:

Jen Psaki, Biden’s incoming White House press secretary, said Tanden was “a brilliant policy expert and she knows how vital funding for [government] programs is. As a child, for a period her family relied on food stamps to eat, on Section 8 vouchers to pay the rent and on the social safety. Her fresh perspective can help meet this moment.”

Surely they can’t be talking about this Neera Tanden?

Being inclusive is good for Biden’s image. Unfortunately for him he’s no Justin Trudeau.

@anton Not sure what you’re getting at, despite your questions. I don’t think any of them worked for President Obama.

For those looking for a balanced point of view:

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What kind of “Balance” are you suggesting?

Sorry if the link does not really work. to get a short but interesting paper from Simon Kuper in the Financial Times, i typed “Simon Kuper wokism Financial Times” and got a direct access .

The idea is that, yes, there are discriminations, and these need to to be recognized and corrected,yes “Wokism” is a derogatory term used buy conservatives to discredit fighters for social justice and civils rights and protect their positions.

Beyond that, respect of freedom of thought and speech should be respected with the usual limits, when both side use to cancel the others. No carriers should be ended on accusations of being ideologically unsafe or so.

There is no reason to suppress books from libraries, or from scholar curriculums, as both side do.

Every one may express his concerns, white males included.

Some statues need to be removed. Elected representatives of people should decide who is honored with a statue, not rioters.

Facts are facts and emotional safety is BS. If a fact is true, it deserves to be recognized as such and taken in account, even if it goes against some belief or shocks.

A man can write about a woman, a Jewish actor may play a no Jewish and a no Jewish can play a Jewish. One may eat sushis and practice Yoga even is no from India and Japan. Illegitimate cultural appropriation is something different.

And last, nobody is enclosed ans only defined by his " race " " gender " “sex”, " religion" and so.

My personal opinion is not wholly determined.

I would say that if you want to fight the system, the class struggle stay the main point. Capitalism can live and prosper with gay weddings and abortion. It will not save the planet.

And one must not be enclosed in one part of himself and have a right to find and choose what is important for him to define his identity, as long as he does not fool himself.


I’m glad you mentioned fact and truth.

Here’s my questions,
What about using that as a starting point? That we start respecting demonstrable truths, and the we learn from having our mistaken understand, evolved by learning more and gaining a better appreciation of real world problems?

Oh, regarding your comment, I have no idea what you are talking about, you seem all over the map.
Me, I’m way off sides, the days are too short, I don’t even understand what “WOKE” is all about, let alone what it’s supposed to mean.

To sum up:

At the beginnings, the word woke was used by black people at the end of the 19th century, to mean that they were waking after the end of slavery. In the 60ths, it was a word used for people who became conscious of racial discriminations and inequity.

Then it was extended to denounce any form of discrimination.

Nowadays, it is a much controverted word, used by woke people to legitimate themselves and by their adversaries to negate the problems of racism, gender discrimination and so.