The thing Senators aren't supposed to say

Senator Chris Murphy, for a moment, spoke the truth about the situation we have created. We hoped that focusing on trade and commerce and cooperation would lead to a more peaceful world. We believed we could do that, and weapons would somehow start to rust on their own. Borders have been stable for the last 50 years, relative to the constant conquering that had been going for thousands of years. But it wasn’t enough.

At about 2 and a half minutes, Chuck Todd asks if we are going let to Putin back into the World Order after this is over. How does it end in a way that we can live with him charge of so much firepower?

Murphy speaks to how we got here, the US and our allies allowed him to exist because we wanted the resources that his country has. Then he quickly moves on to how to prosecute war.

Murphy didn’t create this, and like just about everyone, doesn’t have a solution. If we stick to the rule, that a nation’s resources belong to them, then we have to engage with them to get them. What doesn’t get asked often enough is, how much should we invest in them to get those resources? And if we don’t engage at all, will someone do it and gain an advantage over us? That’s what’s behind “drill baby drill” or who’s policy changed the price of gas in, but most of what I hear is short sighted or very broad brushed.

What I hear no politician talk about is the fact that high oil prices are here to stay . The stark truth is that the world is RUNNING OUT OF OIL.

At current consumption there is less than 40 years (1/2 lifetime) recoverable supply of oil. After that we will have exhausted all recoverable oil and combustion engines will need to convert to other combustible products or convert to renewable electric power.

Exactly! We really need to switch to solar and wind power now!

And happily for climate, if true !

No politician wants to give bad news to his constituants.

The bad news are that one must give up much confort.

Who are the people the more responsable for more pollution in the world ?

US citizen and among them the rich !

[Pollution by Country 2022]

[Pollution by Country 2022]

True and most of that is due to ignorance and misinformation from the fossil fuel miners and their hired scientists.

There is no real debate among legitimate scientists about the harm the continued use of fossil fuels are causing the environmental changes we are witnessing.

We are well past the beginning of the “sixth extinction event” .

Holocene Extinction

Ongoing Extinction Event

The Holocene extinction, otherwise referred to as the sixth mass extinction or Anthropocene extinction, is an ongoing extinction event of species during the present Holocene epoch as a result of human activity. The included extinctions span numerous families of bacteria, fungi, plants and animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

With widespread degradation of highly biodiverse habitats such as coral reefs and rainforests, as well as other areas, the vast majority of these extinctions are thought to be undocumented, as the species are undiscovered at the time of their extinction, or no one has yet discovered their extinction. The current rate of extinction of species is estimated at 100 to 1,000 times higher than natural background extinction rates.

Holocene extinction - Wikipedia

The exponential function mathematically predicts the end of oil in about 40 years at the current rate of consumption. That means if you are 25 years old today, you will witness the end of oil as a general fuel.

Of course that also means the final release of all sequestered carbon back into the atmosphere. But that may be too late to stop a runaway atmospheric catastrophe and whatever we might try as replacement fuel will be useless when life is at the brink of total extinction.