The State vs Citizens for Climate Action

100 people from the Rising Tide community climate action group arrested for blocking a coal export vessel in Newcastle Australia

“We sold $40 billion worth of coal last year, and we need it if we’re going to transition our economy to renewable energies.”

Sure, and maybe we can sell $40 billon worth of candy to school kids in order to fight diabetes. :persevere:

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Arrested in a liberal western democracy whose current government says they accept the science of AGW and that action much be taken to mitigate its consequences

Don’t know why i bother.

You can’t block a shipping channel. Even if you say you are doing it to raise awareness or something. That’s what “protest” means. If you sing a song or write a poem, only the people who already know what you’re saying will listen. That’s not a protest.


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Climate emergency or no climate emergency? To take action or to not take action? This sums it up very well

“If the government will not take action on climate change the people will use civil disobedience. We wish we did not have to do this, but the Albanese government needs to understand we are serious,”

“Until the Albanese government says no to new coal projects and agrees to tax coal export profits at 75 per cent to fund the transition, we will continue to disrupt the fossil fuel industry – because the climate crisis is impacting us all.”

Here here

Several countries are taking action. it’s the fossil fuel industry that is fighting it.
They want to drill for every gallon of oil until it is all gone. It’ll last maybe 40 years.
If we do not have a total replacement in energy resources we’ll have an energy crisis.

It’s not difficult. Start making environmentally friendly goods and develop every possible environment-friendly energy collection, such as solar, wind, hydro, and chemical.

Hemp is and excellent cash crop for a range of industrial applications and has the distinction of being an excellent CO2 scrubber.

Thats got nothing to do with ordinary citizens taking direct action in civil disobedience by holding their government to account for not taking real steps in fighting AGW and the State that is trying to stop and punish them for doing so.

What government are you talking about?

It can be hard follow you sometimes.

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When you dont read the preceding posts

Albania?.. image

The French govt uses the language of terrorism in delegalising climate activist group Les Soulèvements de la Terre (Earth Uprising)

Spokes person for the group said

" In the midst of an ecological crisis, the government has chosen to criminalize those who fight for life on Earth, but it’s the climate that must be saved, not the revolt against it!”

The highest French administrative court, the Council of State cancelled the government decision.

But what is true, is that by a serious abuse of langage, every people using violence against the system is called terrorist, including climate activists.

Climate activists jailed for 6 months for peaceful protesting

Part of civil disobedience, is the realization that you will be breaking laws and will probably be arrested and face legal consequences.

You know in 2000 We The People had a chance to make our voice heard and elect a President that actually understood the science behind AGW and took it seriously, because he was a forward looking guy. You remember that boring political Al Gore (then again given the way you write, perhaps you’re not old enough to remember him - google it)

But then we had a idealist, a stellar example of the good and bad influence that one individual can make.

Early on Ralph Nader became the driving force behind the move to force US auto makers to start making safety a priority. He went from that success to championing other consumer safety concerns - we was a true hero.
He even promised us that he’d never become a politician, because then he’d have to put his own interests before his ideals.
But, then he ran a third party campaign that collected all the starry eye’d idealists.

Then rather than displaying some common sense brains and doing a little good old political horse trading with Gore and helping him win, he turned into another holier than thou demagogue, he wanted it all for himself, forget working with the system in hand - I want all the glory.

Gore lost, Cheney/Bush and the oligarch owned GOP won, and Ralph Nader could bask in the glory of being the spoiler.

Whereas, had he supported Gore, Nader would have positioned himself as a real force, a kingmaker even, instead of a has been spoiler. Why was Nader so stupid? Was he too scared of being on the winning side and then having to take on some responsibility? Can you answer that Mr. Perfectionist Or Nothing.

Imagine what might have been possible had the ideologist made common cause with the pragmatist, who truly understood the stakes of ignoring the growing AWG problem. Not to mention, President Gore would have paid attention to their National Security Advisors, and the 9/11 plot would have in all probability been busted. Lordy knows there were enough red flags for any attentive person to recognize.

But, Cheney/Bush had a better idea, turn a blind eye, then wait for the next attack to happen, so they’d have a free hand to do what ever they wanted.

Of course, 9/11 was beyond anything those pea brains could imagine. Still, in the end their strategy achieved what they wanted, they got their war of convenience, and the profits really started flowing and the rest is history. BINGO! Does any of that bother you?

Besides that, Z, why do you ignore that the general population of this country wants to ignore AGW as much as possible, their number one concern has alway been the price of gas, keep it as low as possible. How many billions do people spend on computer games and professional sports memorabilia - oh but lets ignore physical reality as much as possible. Oh, and how they scream when it comes time to pay some taxes.

You come across as simply too one-sided and blind-sided.
Perhaps that’s why you seem incapable of substantive dialogue, beyond your one-liner baiting routine.

Climate action is being criminalised. No?

How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world | Environmental activism | The Guardian.

Not unlike asking for peace was criminalized when I was young.

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Yet this doesnt register with the earth centrist.

Apparently my comment didn’t register with you.

And now Biden losing support from the young with climate inaction being a key concern