The Royal Caste

Censorship exists here in the US as well - I have been trying to get the following published with no luck

Dear Editor:

In recent days we have been bombarded with the news of the New King’s Coronation in England

For the life of me, I do not get it. What have these people done to deserve this praise, fan following and all these accolades? They were born in the right family! That’s it! That is their biggest achievement! We have soldiers and policemen and women giving their blood and bodies to their country, some of them ending up begging in the streets but these people get to live a life of ease & comfort? Sure, those born in a rich family get that life as well but they don’t get this praise or accolades, nor do they get to sponge off the tax-payer! And it is the latter that I have a problem with

Because that IS how Caste works - a person is praised or derided, given a higher or lower ranking based on birth! Nothing else! Not what they have done with their lives, what they had achieved! None of that matters!

And Caste is universally derided! There are thousands of articles in India written by Hindus, as well as others, deriding caste as the evil that it is. There have been movies, TV show episodes, books written that have highlighted this as a problem and needs to be eradicated. Caste has no place in the 21st century!

And here, to my surprise, I see Caste - but it is being given another name - Royalty! And amazingly, that’s all it takes it seems for our morals and values to change, to do a 180 degree turn! From derision and mockery to singing high praises! Take Caste, add a dash of white skin and give it a different name and presto! the anger and derision is gone! In its place we get fan worship and accolades!

Just like Caste, Royalty has no place in the 21st century. Neither the US nor India have these Royals, nor does the vast majority of humanity. Only a few countries still cling to this archaic medieval system - these Royals have no real power in the modern world - they are vestiges of ancient times, still sticking around because of the blindness of their people and the lack of pushback from the educated, intellectuals and the media

We see the same thing with other issues as well - Putin says, “Believe in me, blindly Support me and be rewarded or else!”
And many have blindly supported him and have done extremely well
We mock them as evil people, selling their souls for a few silver nickels
And those that did not find themselves dropping out of high-rise buildings!
But change the name Putin to God and repeat the very same words and now we get “Praise the Lord!”
Those that blindly support are told they will be rewarded with Heaven
And those that do not will burn in hell!
Morals, values, who we are as people does not matter - all that matters is whom we blindly support

Are we this easy? Yes we are!
Our morals and values that easily dropped! We are this easily brainwashed!

You went from zero to a 100 in a nanosecond going from royality to putin. I never heard him say that. Is it just your interpretation of one of his speeches or something you read from another persons opinion?

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Afraid I’ll have to challenge this one. Reference, please.
In fact, as you bring religion into the equation, and correctly mix it with politics, you are engaging a fairly complicated chain reaction. While the Orthodox are foreign to me, for some they are relevant.
As well the old ties between communism and atheism must be an inconvenient truth for the humanist identity and especially here in the Western version of this humanist identity, which apparently is well branched from any universal form of such, as is evidenced by the participants who are drawn to this forum. Russophobia thrives here, and it should not be so. East meets West in Russia.

Temper tantrams aside, little brother bear has red on their flag; a two party system turned one; a propaganda the likes of which have never been witnessed before; and a deep state with so many branches you’ve got to get lost before you’ll even find out. Pretty sure they had a better system but dirty tricks got the better of them; then capitalists moved in to squeeze them dry, and along came Putin to save not just day, or the year, or even just his own country. Well, now I’m about to eat your words myself.

The one thing that the West does not understand: truth has a power of its own regardless of any nation or identity. A young American mutt can pick it up in no time. In fact the more of a fraud our system becomes it’s like having a pile of crap you just laid on the carpet stuck in your face. Some will lap it up, apparently, but actually most will not. As to who is crapping on the worlds carpet, well, if you could geometrically invert the White House in Washington DC, it would form a sort of sphincter into the Earth from which we witness tremendous emanations that spill the world over. This is also known as inverted totalitarianism.

Where is the reasoning here - this is what ALL Dictators say - they fear coups, they could be replaced at any time, enemies everywhere
They rule thru fear - the guy in North Korea had his own uncle killed - he knew and the uncle knew that he was innocent - that uncle was killed to send a message - support me blindly or else!
yes-men, sycophants, oligarchs who have done just that have been rewarded - these people are scum but a dictator does not care whether a person is good or not, what is most important to him is loyalty & obedience
Hence a “God” who asks Abraham to kill his OWN son & a slave who hurries to obey!
Good people who have stood up to Putin, Kim Jong un criticized then end up in body bags
This is not known to you
But I keep being amazed at the way religion is able to brainwash even the best of us


See my post to loveisnotenough
Do people always have to tell you what they mean exactly or can you discern their intentions based on their actions, suggestions?

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Hey vanamali
you had your President assassinated. What are you talking about?

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Youre making stuff up. Thats what is being put to you

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


He lives in Chicago? What are you talking about?

I’ll let loveisnotenough speak for himself. You will get it soon enough.

The paradox of the conspiracy theorist: they can see how there is a deep state based on how legal democratic elections turn out, but, when the Supreme Court rules on gay marriage, or State’s legalize Marijuana, that doesn’t mean the world is becoming more liberal.

Well, on a forum I think so, yes. Our only discernment of your words here is your words here. I can discern that you are frustrated by the political situation.

As the U$ takes on Russia, we witness a sort of new kid on the block taking on an old man. Their history is so rich that you can harken back to czars, or kings, and from that time to witness the revolutions that they have been through: as they age have their joints weakened? They’ve only just undergone another revolution; one that the new kid on the block just tripped up, after tripping up the earlier form. Meanwhile the leaders of these countries are an inversion of this caricature. I’ll bet Putin would beat Biden in a game of tic-tac-toe, let alone thermonuclear geopolitics.

The peculiarities of the situation are not well summed up by your meanderings. I suppose it is acceptable that you vent here anything you like, really, but the idea that you could develop your position here in writing and via your own research, checked by the various contributors, some of whom are no less dubious than you, by the way, would be the best we could hope for. If you are at the beginning of such a journey here, the first thing I would recommend is to challenge the mainstream messaging. There is a sort of wall that had been built, but it is readily broken through when we seek the truth through independent journalists.

Glenn is a very slow and lawyerly presenter, but here his mindset is exposed and obviously we don’t need to do as he does, for he is one of the accounters of the truth. We get to sit back a bit and watch him digest. Still, if you were to pick a selective issue and dig in, you’ll be able to find the truth.
Seek the truth, and speak your truth.
Truth is freedom.

As I see it the words that you stuffed into Putin’s mouth are better placed in Biden’s.