The Powell Memo, start of corporation's hostile takeover bid on the USA - Robert Reich Robert Reich

Robert Reich

The corporate takeover of American politics was rapid and ruthless.

In 1976, I watched as thousands of corporate lobbyists descended on Washington. Fast forward to today, and lobbying has become a $3.7 billion dollar industry.

It all began with the Powell Memo.

A little history lesson, it has bearing on how we came to embrace dishonesty as a no holds barred political/administrative/policy tactic.

Unfortunately the link to the Spitale series is broken, from my blog link here. It was college semesters worth of info

Interesting write up Lausten, including your peaceful calm approach.
I tracked down that chart

I have a feeling any comment I’d try to add here, wouldn’t be as nice towards our average John and Jane Doe, or the mind f’er who play on their emotions, while ravaging their minds.