The Lewandowski hearing, it was chaos, then . . .

CSPAN: House Judiciary Counsel Berke questions Lewandowski - transcripts of key moments.

White-collar criminal defense attorney Barry Berke questions Lewandowski as a member of the House Judiciary staff


It was chaos, and then a real lawyer showed up. By Jennifer Rubin

Here’s what he accomplished:

  1. Berke forced Lewandowski to acknowledge that when he said on national television multiple times he would “voluntarily” appear before special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, that was false. Berke demonstrated Lewandowski also lied when he said on TV he had not been asked to testify. Lewandowski asserted he had no obligation to tell the media (and the public) the truth.

  2. Berke made plain that Lewandowski took the Fifth and refused to testify for the special counsel unless granted immunity. He also showed Lewandowski clips of him publicly stating that when you take the Fifth, you’ve done something wrong.

  3. Berke established that before asking Lewandowski to take a message to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the White House just so happened to dangle a White House job before him.

  4. Berke established that Lewandowski was absolutely loyal to Trump yet never delivered the message.

  5. Berke also established that Lewandowski wanted to have a private meeting with Sessions so there would be no record.

In short, Berke made perfectly clear that Lewandowski’s actions (refusing to deliver Trump’s instructions, demanding immunity, lying on TV, creating no record) demonstrated he knew he was being asked to do something wrong or illegal.

Now the question is can the Democrats do anything about this obvious criminal?

(read the transcripts)

Lewandowski (and the GOP en mass) asserted he (they) had no obligation to tell the media (and the public) the truth.

Sort like the Evangelical Christian ethic, make it up as you go along, ignore everything others have to share.