The last time you do something

This is me at my most pseudo-philosophical.

I don’t know why it bothered me for a while till I eventually got over it, but the last time I ever do something, I’ll probably not even know that it’s the last time I’ll be doing it. I’m guessing it’s because I started to really think about this when my mom’s PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) started to show its first real signs when her car hit the side of the garage door frame of her house as she was pulling into it. That was the last time she ever drove. I regretted never taking her to a parking lot to have at least that one last moment for her that didn’t have to end in disaster.

So my mind mauled on in realization that everything we do in our lives will probably have its last moment that we’ll be completely unaware of, so it gave me just a little more appreciation in life. Like I was saying, it’s pseudo-philosophy with no real meaning behind any of it. It is a closed-ended topic, but it meant something to me and I thought just to throw it out there.

Ain’t nothing like a closed end topic.

You remind me of why it’s so important to be present to your today and the moment you are in. It’s why though I don’t believe in personal god, you’ll find me saying (or thinking) “The good lord willing” before leaving on any trip or assignment. We never know for sure what will be what.

Last year my wife had been working with a guy remote, she’d worked with him on and off, a couple decades, and of course with chit chat, they’d talk about their respective growing child. Now she was in college, he was obviously in love and proud of her. Then one morning they said good bye, he went to work, couple hours later received the phone call no parent is prepared for, car accident and her life was over in a moment. Not even her fault, apparently another drunk idiot.

Seems to me the best we can do is live today to build memories worth cherishing.

. I never do anything …

. How may I do anything? Is it possible even to do anything?

. And even If I seem to do anything … I am not. Because, by doing one needs effort. And I simply live a Life of spontaneity.

. Everything done shall be undone. Doing something is like building a sand castle by the water.

. Sooner or later it shall be swallowed by the devouring invisible force of Time.

. Nothing which is essential has ever been made by man. Man only does the pseudo-reality … man cannot do that which has been here before any Man has ever stepped on earth.

. Man is a newcomer compared to existence …

. For example, Man can do a clock but not Time. And the clock is not time.

. So why do that which will be undone sooner or later?

. Why not be rather that which has never been born and therefore will never die; that which is the eternal; that which goes on flowing by the flux of Life … by the flux of existence … by the flux of that which is … has ever been and therefore will never cease to be?

. My whole emphasis is not on doing … but rather on being.

. I am an existentialist …

. And Descartes was utterly wrong.

. The man has said - “I think therefore I am”.

. That’s the most nonsensical, absurd idea I have ever faced.

. How can one think if one is not? One shall be, so one can think. Thinking does not appear out of nothingness . It appears out of an entity; that entity is the me.

. That’s the problem of Logic. Logic is limited. It cannot conceive that which goes beyond mind.

. And that which goes beyond mind … beyond doing … fits into the realm of the being.

. When thinking ceases, only then does one know who one is. In a non-thinking state of consciousness, one realizes one’s being – not by thinking, but by non-thinking.

. Being is primary. Thinking is secondary.

. Meditation is non-thinking; it is an effort to create a state of no-mind.

Sometimes called “word salad”, lots of contradictions here. You say there is no way to think into whatever this “being” is, then you say you’ve done it, by not doing it. Sorry, I’ve seen it all before.