The Iowa Democratic Caucus 2020

They have reported with 62% of the results in, that Buttigieg and Bernie are in the lead. Notably Biden is in 4th spot, and even Amy Klobachar’s camp is claiming they are virtually tied with Biden.

There are already some relevant points to be gleaned from the Iowa race. Buttigieg, a formerly unknown Mayor of a small city (also gay) has demonstrated superior political and organizational skills to the other Dems in the race. Iowa is a particularly good trial to determine that. Bernie is on his heels, but Bernie had an existing political infrastructure from last time, and Bernie is a known commodity. That Pete could beat Bernie and the rest, says something.

Another thing relevant to Bernie, is that his whole paradigm depends on his promised ability to bring in massive numbers of new voters. But the overall turnout in this Iowa election was not particularly great.

So Buttigieg, I think, did what he needed to do in Iowa. But it is looking like it is going to be a drawn out process. Whether it will or won’t be Buttigieg, someone in this field has to win this nomination process. And I think the winner will deserve our utmost support, whoever it may be.

The other notable point is that Biden did relatively poorly.

With 75% of precincts now reported, the standings are about the same as they were.

As it stands, Buttigieg still has about the same slight lead.


I just heard that they’re going to do a “re-canvassing.” With enough massaging they will eventually get the results the DNC wants. Surely no one thinks they are trying to cover up an attempt to cheat in a primary. With tongue firmly in cheek, cry no, no, no way, we’re not crooks.


As it stands, before this belated call for “re-canvassing” 96% of the standings had been reported. It showed Buttigieg with the tiniest of leads, in a virtual tie with Bernie.

If the shenanigans of incompetence are as you think, Bob, some sort of purposeful ploy by the core of the DNC, on whose behalf do you suggest they are working?

Is it a ploy to keep the damage of a 4th place finish by Biden undercover? Is it to diminish the good showing by Buttigieg and Sanders?

If that is the case, then countering that, would just be a matter of calling attention to the actual results of the Iowa caucuses.

That is one reason that I keep stating what the results, so far, are. Just in case there is some grand DNC conspiracy. Though I lean toward the belief that the Iowa Dem Party was just not competent enough to effectively calculate the new data that they were required to report.


Speaking of dirty tricks (as you have in another thread, Bob), check this dirty trick out:

Supporters of President Donald Trump flooded a hotline used by Iowa precinct chairs to report Democratic caucus results after the telephone number was posted online, worsening delays in the statewide tally…”

So was the result tabulation snafu due to incompetence, OR a cover up by Iowa Dem Party, OR was it dirty tricks by Trumpublicans, that have not all yet come to light?

Tim, I started to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was due to Trump supporters trying to interfere, but I really would be surprised if they didn’t try something and probably several things.

If there is any good to come from this, it will be that it has become so obvious that we must use paper ballots in all elections. Electronic messages and data do not qualify as valid documents. Any communication must be subject to discovery of fraud in order for it to be considered a valid document.