The great recycling Con.

This is a significant social issue I think. The source is Australian 60 minutes clip on You tube. Make up your own mind if it seems real, and whether it would apply to your country:

The claim is that vast amounts of the garbage sorted for recycling has been going to China for years. They have ben recycling it. Great. However, they stopped doing it a few years ago. Now , tens of thousands of tons is being sent to Malaysia. There, some is recycled by illegal factories. Massive amounts are not recycled, so are ending up as land fill or burned.

I’ve always had a gut feeling about recycling, but no proof. ThoughtI was being paranoid. I’m shocked, but not really surprised. I guess a reason is there is very little public information about the process of recycling in Australia.

Anyway, the clip is below decide for yourself. The Australian 60 Minutes has a reasonable level of credibility here.,


It is believable. Western nations shipping their waste to developing nations is a sure recipe for trouble.