Japan to dump 1 million tonnes of radioacive water into ocean

No comment from USA but happy to criticise china



@johncitizen1. No comment from USA but happy to criticise china
I notice you didn't have a comment either.


FAQs: Radiation from Fukushima



Fukushima: Radiation Exposure (Updated February 2021)

https:// www. world-nuclear. org/information-library/safety-and-security/safety-of-plants/appendices/fukushima-radiation-exposure. aspx

So what’s you point in bringing it up?

China to Japan


“If the water is safe as you say it is - drink it”

The U.S. is just as guilty of polluting the ocean, so maybe it’s just as well the U.S. has said nothing. It would be like calling the kettle black, especially when the pot is black with oil.

Point being they would say a lot if it were china dumping radioactive water

Maybe, but somehow I doubt much would be said by the U.S. if China were dumping crap in the ocean.