Hey, you in the spaceship

If there are any aliens up there in UFOs reading this, get over yourself already. If you can cure cancer, or clean up toxic waste, or solve the riddles of physics for us, just do it. Quit messing around by laying down wheat and corn in patterns in some certain way that humans can’t or building things with rocks then taking off for thousands of years, and stop disguising yourself as political leaders, we don’t like them. Do something that would really show us you are intelligent, like produce a sitcom that was actually funny, or make a car that gets good mileage and has cup holders that actually hold cups.

Produce a sitcom that is actually funny Lausten? Ever watch Mork and Mindy? Proof that alien life forms can be hilarious when they aren’t using a probe on us or mutilating cows. And to think, they came all that way just to study life on Earth. Well, that and to give secret weapons to the Nazis. I know because I saw it in the History channel, or was it the Discovery channel? Can’t quite remember; I blacked out in the car and… .
Cap’t Jack

Aw, c’mon Lausten. How are aliens supposed to have fun f they give us all the answers? I can imagine invisible alien satellites in orbit round Earth, beaming FTL signals across the galaxy so fascinated alien races can watch us destroy ourselves while arguing among each other about whether we’re really damaging the environment or is it just a natural cycle. They may be horrified at the real natural disasters, such as tsunamis and hurricanes. I have no idea how they’ll react to NASCAR.

I imagine watching us drive cars around in a circle is akin to us watching a dog chase its tail. Entertaining in a mindless sorta way, and you can wonder just what they are thinking.

It could be possible that they are terrified of us. I for one, would be very hesitant to go to a distant planet being the only one of my species.
On a similar note, I’d like to bring a funny statement one of my Electrical Engineering professors made (paraphrased of course)

IEEE is the largest professional organization on earth. Since we are the only life known in the universe,
we can say it is the biggest professional organization in the known universe