The Coming Eclipse In USA

Here’s a site that will show you what the coming solar eclipse (August 21) will look like in your city, assuming the weather is cooperative.
Replace “jacksonville” with the name of your city.

That’s very cool. Thanks for posting it.

I thought it was cool too. You’re welcome.

I am excited for this, although my area will only be able to view a partial eclipse. It is an experience I have not had. Thanks for the link.

I figure this will fit right into this OP

2017 Total Solar Eclipse's Path Across the U.S. Video
YouTube is humming with do-it-yourself solar viewers, like the one out of a Pringles tube.

Anyone around here planning on viewing the Totality?

The United States will be eclipsed!?
Nah, it’s a Chinese hoax.

Any eclipse stories to share out there?

No luck where I am, it poured down rain during peak visibility.

Cloudy! Boo Hoo!

It was partly cloudy where I live. I got to watch the crescent of the sun for about three minutes or so before the clouds covered it. It was only partial in my area anyway, so it didn’t get fully dark. I could see the sky in the areas where it showed through the clouds darken from a cerulean blue to a sort of gray blue. But the main thing I noticed was how much cooler it got for that ten minutes. It was about 90 degrees when the eclipse started, and the temperature must have dropped a good five or six degrees.

I drove to NE, headed for Beatrice, but clouds started forming, so I parked with a bunch of geeks in a field in Pickerel. A long storm cloud formed right down the middle of the zone, so we started chasing it. Pretty hard to predict clouds. We saw plenty of partial, but only saw the clouds and the effect of the totality. As it hit the darkness, which was more like sunset, the birds stopped singing, it was quiet for a few seconds, then the nighttime bugs started. 10 minutes later, after totality, we could see the sun again. Missed it by that much as Maxwell Smart used to say.

Tanny thank you for posting this. You started a ball rolling that ended with me up north of Scottsbluff in the Sandhills Grassland country of western Nebraska.
I drove county roads getting up there and then back south to Oklahoma also stuck to smaller roads. I hate Freeways (well unless I’m in a big hurry) - I want to be able to see the country I’m traveling through.
Now that I’m at my destination near OKC i’ve had a chance to play with some pictures. Unfortunately I still can’t get my videos to work in my blog, so it’s all stills and nothing great in the pile, but hey they’re fun. I want to write about it, but who knows…
2017 Eclipse viewing from the Pink Schoolhouse Road, Nebraska

I drove to NE, headed for Beatrice,
That was my original plan, but the weather situation had me wanting to stick to the western side of the state. Glad I did. Plus from Beatrice it would have been hell driving down to OKC with all that traffic the whole way. As it was I drove the old cattle drive route and had next to no traffic and visited an outrageously awesome little museum in Kit Carson, CO. Tools you never seen before, and, and, and Although getting out of Nebraska was bumper to bumper, didn't start clearing until right before Brush, CO. If you look in the distance you can see the car packed road going off the left side of this imagine - and this was after I remained until the eclipse was totally over, while many cars were already leaving, then I hung out another hour having some lunch and giving the traffic a chance to thin out. Guess I needed to give it yet another couple hours.
The United States will be eclipsed!? Nah, it's a Chinese hoax. psik
Yes, sirree. Just like the WTC bombing was a hoax. Got it! Lois