Solar Eclipse 2024

Did anyone get a good view of the eclipse today? There was some cloudiness in my area, but it still turned out pretty nice. Watching the darkness sort of dance around the sun for a couple minutes was fun.

We couldn’t even see where the sun was, it rained all day. Didn’t have time to travel.

Americans astonished to survive terrifying solar eclipse

Nobody has survived one of these before
Laura K
Apr 08, 2024

The highest IQ nation on earth, the United States of America, experienced a terrifying situation today when the sun disappeared behind the moon for a few minutes, sparking fears it might never come back. Thanks to astonishing breakthroughs in science, Americans were able to predict the eclipse, but they had no idea what would happen next so they resorted to what they’re really good at: mass hysteria.

Highest IQ nation??? The US??

If someone writes an article with this blatant lie as its lead sentence…

As you have said, why would anyone listen to anything else this person says?

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We had variable hazy skies. Wasn’t tuned into it too much this time around. Though I did notice the general darkening and went out when there was enough sun to cast this impression. Being in the Four Corners we only had a partial anyways.

I drove up to Wyoming for the previous eclipse, that was lots of fun.

A couple thoughts,
Fact free dis-reality syndrome, it what happens when we live within our minds and forget about the real physical world we are a part of.

The world is full of predators and parasites and the chum they feed on.

Quite a witty and amusing offering by Laura. I agree with her premise here that the whole country is bat sh@t crazy

I thought it was serious at first glance. There is always plenty of wiggle room with these satirical trolls.

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it too, despite some patchy clouds in my area as well. There’s just something mesmerizing about watching that dance of darkness and light, isn’t there? It’s like nature putting on its own little show for us.

Even though it might not have been a crystal-clear view, I’m glad you still got to enjoy it. Here’s to hoping for clearer skies for the next one!
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