The biggest lie in history?

I am not sure that religions qualify, as most of them have been founded and promoted by believers.

If we look at consequences, the theory of the back stab given in November 1918 to the German army by the civilian powers comes first to my mind.

The Trump lie about the 2020 election and the 6th of January 2021 should come relatively high.

Any other ideas?

There was lots of talk about comparing Trump to Hitler, back in 2016. It seems to have become consensus. The question still remains, can we keep this minority from getting military power.

Can you explain what this refers to?

In 1918, Germany had lost the war. The German head quarter asked the civilian government to ask an armistice to the allied powers.

But the junkers and other high ranking officiers could not admit that they had lost, because of their incompetence and mistakes.

As the allied did not invade Germany, the German soldiers came home with weapons and paraded in the street.

The German generals and the nationalist leaders explained that the war was not lost but that Germany and its army were betrayed by the civilian government, by the leftists and by the Jews. This idea was one of the main idea which helped the Nazis to come to power.

[Stab-in-the-back myth - Wikipedia]

From Quora:

The “stab-in-the-back myth” (in German “Dolchstoßlegende”) was a reactionary conspiracy myth about Germany’s defeat in World War One in 1918.

The basic claim was that the German military did not lose the war, that it was “stabbed in the back” by leftist revolutionaries who overthrew the government, abolished the monarchy and created the democratic Weimar Republic. It was also frequently combined with blaming the democratic politicians for accepting the unfavorable conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, sometimes also with the claim that it was all a preplanned Jewish plot. That last bit should give you a good idea with whom this myth was particularly popular.

It was completely counterfactual nonsense, invented by cowardly high-ranking military leaders in order to deflect blame from themselves for the military defeat they suffered (in good part through incompetence).

In reality:

  • In 1918, all allies of Germany had surrendered or sued for peace, the German military was beaten and a defeat unavoidable.
  • The revolution started with soldiers, specifically sailors of the High Seas Fleet who went into mutiny when ordered to prepare for a battle that was clearly a pointless suicide mission.
  • The Treaty of Versailles was somewhat harsh, but Germany really didn’t have any choice about accepting it. The conditions would only have been worse if Germany had fought on longer.

He asked for example of the biggest lie - not your speculative thoughts

I think Trump’s was the biggest lie. In the age of information, it’s a challenge. I added the comment that he has not achieved the power of Hitler, yet.

Saying trump was the biggest lie is meaningless.

How should anyone respond to something like that?

One could respond with Obama was the biggest lie. As useless to the conversation as saying trump was

Ah. The lie is that the election was stolen. Trump orchestrated that by talking about it long before the election. He got others on board, working with him, adding to it. It convinced a lot of people who were susceptible to his tricks. So that makes it big. He used it to try maintain power of the biggest military. Big. He is still doing it.

What’s bigger? That God spoke to someone, creating a religion? Maybe, but that is harder to do in this age, now you have lie bigger.

Too many to choose from. On a global scale, maybe Communinsm.

I think ideas can be bad, but many people discuss them and try to make them work, so i don’t count those as lies.

Meat on the bones. Well done. No bigger lie than going to war

Hmmm. Bush’s lies, both of the Bush’s, about Iraq, WMD, bin Laden, those were bad. Powell recanted though. But, true they cost a lot of lives. He got votes for his war spending bill but i think he lied to get it, he spent more than he said he would. And he created a quagmire.

Was he lying, or did he believe those regimes were a threat?

Gee whizz. What a remarkable question from someone who promotes themselves as an intellectual

We know he lied telling that Iraq had chemical weapons. colin Powell came to the UN tribune with a fake sample.

[15 Years Ago, Colin Powell Lied to the United Nations]

I don’t know if it is the biggest lie, but its consequences were tremendous and the world is still paying the bill !

In fact, bush and his staff are war criminals.

I’m not going to sort out your sarcasm

Thanks for the explanation. I guess I kind of knew about that but never really knew it was a “thing” in and of itself. It fits in with something I’ve always thought about the Right, namely that WW2 didn’t end Nazism, it just drove it underground. And was used as a “learning event” so the Right could get it right the next time, which is what we’re witnessing now.

Did 43 know he was lying? Or was he just relying on the information being fed to him?
Not trying to defend the guy, it’s just that I had never seen anything other than “The Bush Administration” lied about WMDs… and then all comments later about “Bush Lied”
Yes, it was his administration and he’s responsible for it, but drilling down to the Person level, did George Bush knowingly, blatantly lie to the American public about WMDs?

He kept changing his justification for invading Iraq until he got the support of voters.