The Art of Tolerance

It is easy to get along if we are a monolithic culture and all of us like and dislike the same things. It’s time we Americans grow up, stop bickering, deal with the reality of diversity, and learn to get along with each other like this guy here whose post I lifted from Quora.

I had a friend who used to bring the absolute finest chicken curry I’ve ever had to work.

Everyone loved it. I asked him for the recipe. He invited me and my wife to his house for dinner. Upon arriving, I noticed several things.

The ceiling above the most used stove in the kitchen was covered in heavy black soot. In trying to search for a comparable image online, I only found porn. You’ll have to imagine it for yourself. Both the soot and the porn.

There were German cockroaches everywhere. Some from the airborne division buzzed my tower from time to time. Our hosts never seemed to see them or acknowledge them. During a conversation over some beautiful lemongrass tea they had made for us, a roach crawled over my friend’s hand. He didn’t flick it off. He didn’t move his hand. He didn’t notice it, or react to it, at all.

Their carpet was completely filthy. There was debris and the baseboards were covered by thick rolls of dog hair. There were so many stains, and a dog bone, not a rawhide treat, but a beef bone, was smack dab in the middle of it all.

When we returned home, we stripped down in the backyard and hosed ourselves down. There was a bit of leftover dog shampoo back there that my wife used to do a preliminary hair wash. See, during the course of the evening, a kamikaze roach flew into her thick brown hair. I was proud of her though. She didn’t scream or do the chicken dance, and she’s the type that goes physically ballistic when a bumblebee flies anywhere near her. She has more manners than anyone I’ve ever known.

My friend is still my friend, but I’ve never returned to his home.

This is one reason why I neither eat out at restaurants nor order food delivered home. You can imagine the diversity in the kitchen.