The 7

So I have this buddy who keeps having repeating dreams. ot started after a car crash where he kept hearing “it’s not time”, then saw a paramedic by the name of Jason A.D… Once released, he asked if he could talk to that paramedic and there never was a guy that worked there by that name. Following this, he had dreams/visions of him “absorbing” what he said were dark entities of some sort. he said 3 times this happened were dreams and 4 other times he said he was awake and had a vision of it. so this equals 7. Ever since he was young, he claims to be able to see spirits, demons, ect. but sees more dark ones than nice ones. on multiple occasions, he said that he will go to someones house to help with their “ghost” problem and when he talks to them, they almost all say the same thing. (paraphrasing here) “you and the 7 have bigger plans.” or when the spirit isn’t dark, it will say “you and the 7 cant hurt me”. He said about 2 or 3 times, he has just blacked out for an entire day and doesnt know where he goes. his wife says he tells her he has things to do and doesnt see him all day. this happened only on Thursdays. After looking into it, the only theory I have is the 7 fallen Angels. does anyone have any idea what is going on? Any type of lore relating to this? Anything is helpful. thank you in advance

This thread would fit better under the “Paranormal” topic. And I suspect that for answers that you would find satisfying, it should be in another website altogether. Here, what you are likely to get are responses such as mine, which is: All that sounds like superstitious nonsense, and your friend seems to be suffering on the edge of, if not in the throes of, some sort of delusional disorder. And you seem to be buying into the delusional conceptions. While this may help you maintain a relatedness with your friend, for now, I doubt that it will be helpful in the long term.

thanks for the advise. I put it on the religious category due to my theory of the 7 fallen Angels. As far as the delusional, it doesnt effect his day to day life. He works the normal 9-5 and has a wife and kid. hes normal in all other aspects.

For many years in helping the church deal with homeless people I came across this type of issue every now and then. I felt that most the time they were just looking for someone to rebound their stories off to see if it was believable. The better the story, the better the drugs that were prescribed.

But then I found out there was more to the story. California was moving the problem people from the inner cities to the smaller towns and out laying areas. This brought graffiti, theft, shoplifting and trash on the streets to the small towns. The towns started complaining.

The next program was to pay people to let these people live in your house. That brought the people to the farm and ranch country. California passed laws that required smog on all farm equipment. Those who could afford it bought new tractors. Those who could not shut down. My neighbor said it was going to cost 20K just to put smog on one of his tractors. He shut down and moved out of state.

It became a business to buy these farms to house the people who had been in the California system and moved up the pipeline and was being fully taken care of for mental reasons. Over a mile away was one of these homes. Five bedrooms and three baths, two family rooms. It got eight people living there.

They were getting checks from the state from 2200 to 3000 each, once a month. And the state was dropping them off directly from hospital release. My guess was this was a huge savings for the State because the hospital costs are extremely high.

I would pick these people up walking down the roads and give them a ride. Nobody walks around out here. It is just too far away from anything. They did not know about septic systems or water system. Or even how to flip a breaker.

All the money was gone by the middle of the month. And none of these places had cars. They got drugs from the state and spent most of the money on street drugs. When they run out, they would call 911 and the Sheriff, fire department and ambulance would show up. This was happening five or six times near the end of every month when they were out of drugs. They would be taken to emergency care and give more drugs.

The costs to the county was becoming a big problem and the Sheriffs told them that every call would include a complete house search for illegal drugs. And if found, they would be going to jail. Was not long until all the housing of that type around here was gone.

I made the mistake of trying to help these people with the simple stuff like flipping an electric breaker and keeping the water running. I never got any sleep. These people slept during the day and stayed up all night. I would tell them not to call me. But you know how that worked out. They would call me to tell me these same types of stories.

Colin, what I got was stories like what you described with a lot of ghosts and spirits stuff. If your friend is taking any drugs or pain killer. Get him to stop and maybe his problems will go away. There are other things that went on that no one would believe.

The reason I went into details here is because this government type of health care that California is using will be used across America if we are not careful. The hospitals and investment groups will get rich serving these programs. The added costs never talked about is what the small towns go through. Many of these people were not Americas, but the taxpayer is taking care of them.

That’s the part that throws me off… my buddy doesn’t do anything. maybe a drink here and there but hes 22 so that’s normal. His mental state is completely normal.

He’s got a girlfriend on the side and has found a good cover story.