That other place

The story at the website (via link below) is, in its entirety, based upon a radio-broadcast sermon to which I listened way back in 1987, titled “A Bird’s Eye View of Hell," that was given by a still-renowned moderately conservative preacher. As far as conventional theological concepts are concerned regarding comeuppance or the like in the hereafter for corporeal misdeeds, I don’t recall mention of any such punishment, let alone hellfire, mentioned during the aforementioned sermon. Perhaps the following hypothetical version of Hell—and it’s one that’s very rarely held—is based upon a fairly revolutionary idea of victims who have crossed-over not perceiving or feeling any relevance of or personal need for such or any post-death penance to be suffered by their corporeal-realm perpetrators. (Another notable theological alternative to a traditional Hell is held by some members of Church of Latter Day Saints, who believe that hellfire is actually applied in the form of “burning guilt".) Lastly, maybe that personal need for ‘justice’ is intrinsically linked to the same aspect of bodily humankind that enables the most horrible acts of violent cruelty to readily occur on this planet.