Thank you Obama

Just think what this country would be like if all the other Presidents, and most of the Supreme Court Justices, and most of congress were elected, simply because they were white males.

They were! For the longest time, anyone who was not white and/or not male, were not allowed in government. Women couldn’t own property, unless they inherited it from either their father, brother, or husband and they sure as hell could not get credit. If one wasn’t white, male, AND owned property, they could not vote. Then it became if one wasn’t white and male, they could not vote. Only white men were allowed in government. Has anyone looked at the first few centuries of the U.S.? Black men were not allowed to run for any government position, free or not. One had to be a white male. Even John Adams told his wife, he’d try to get the guys to “Remember the Ladies”, but they may laugh at the idea. A Black woman had no chance. So yes, people were elected on the basis of being a white male.

I should have put a sarcasm emoji on my comment. I don’t know how people can say “X only happened because the person is black”. A nephew-in-law was over for Thanksgiving dinner when another unarmed black man had been shot by police, and the protests and calls for investigations had started, he used that “only happened” thing and I just said, “what?” Even Sam Harris has tried to make the case by pointing to the rare situations where an unarmed white person is killed. He ignores the big difference, that there are investigations, and immediate community response.

RBG said it best, that she wouldn’t consider women were equal if a Supreme Court had just 5 women on it, but by one with 9. After all, that’s how it was for 200 years, 9 men. Why is it that “equality” is judged by even numbers now? The answer is obvious, it’s an acknowledgment that equality has never existed. If they are concerned about a few people with different shades of brown, it’s because they know that when they had all the white people in charge, they were not treating others fairly. Equality looks like not caring at all who is in the position of power, but having the proper guardrails on power so individuals and small groups can’t get privileges they don’t deserve.

Sorry. When it’s in writing, I have a difficult time recognizing sarcasm.

It does happen. In KC, this teen was backing out of his drive and the cop shot him to death. The only weapon he had was the car and he wasn’t even threatening to harm the cop with it. He just wanted to leave.

I don’t know.

This is very true. Rich white men have it all.

White men are actually a minority. People colour, men of colour, actually out number them. You throw the women in, who don’t bow and coo to them, kissing their big toe and all, they are far outnumbered.

That’s not equality, IMHO.

A big difference is an investigation was started immediately, no protesters, no citizen video

Barack Obama looked Black and has always identified publicly as Black. That’s what got him elected.

If Obama looked exactly the same but identified as White he would have alienated Blacks and White liberals, and everybody else would have laughed at him.

His Blackness was seen as the missing ingredient in politics.

Very true.

OMG!? He did?! Seriously though, I do not believe that was what got him elected. I think that is just stuff white guys just love to say and keep on perpetuating.

It wasn’t though. There are several Black men and women in congress. Again, that is something many white guys like to insist is true, when it is not.

Hilarious that people believe overnight, being black became an advantage.

Being Black is advantage when trying to appeal to White liberals.

You really believe that myth?

What is this slamming Obama about? He was a great president in many ways.
Do you have Medical insurance? The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was a historic piece of legislation, that the Republicans have tried to destroy some 50 times, but it is still going strong and allowed Biden to build on.

Obama pulled the Economy that Bush trashed out of the ditch and lowered unemployment from some 11% to 4.7%

Those are major accomplishments in spite of the Republican vow to make Obama a one term president by vetoing every proposal he made and trying to rescind every piece of legislation he managed to pass.

These rumors of Obama being at best a mediocre president are spread by the same crowd that is condemning Biden and obstructing the major pieces of legislation (infrastructure) he has managed to pass, inspite of McConnell’s sabotage.

He pulled the Economy that was trashed by GW out of the ditch and reduced unemployment to 4.7 % from some 11% left by Bush.

The Republicans cannot ever match the records set by the Democrats. All they can do is tax cuts that favor the wealthy and cutting programs that benefit the poor.
Cutting Medicare? Cutting Social Security? Rescinding Roe v Wade?
Using public funds to enrich yourself?
Are you insane? Yessssssss, the new MAGA Republicans are insane!!!

Trump is a thief and a traitor and for the religious crowd, IMO, Trump is the antichrist, stealing Top-Secret documents like low-life spy .

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He needs to go to prison, not be campaigning again.

Being white was an advantage for 400 years. It was literally codified. What you call an advantage is more like treating people equally.

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To White liberals treating people equally always leads to putting “the other” on a pedestal.

Read this.

No study ever concludes that something always happens. “viewing warmlyy” is not “putting on a pedestal”. You are the king of confirmation bias. Are you that well versed in statistical analysis to truly say you read and understood the details of that article? Are you sure this “warm” feeling translates into votes? Or, are you choosing to accept this study as an authority on the subject, while frequently dismissing other studies as being about the W.E.I.R.D. Americans?

Split hairs all you want. Every move White liberals makes shows their reverence for non-White.

White liberals view other races more warmly than they do Whites.

There’s nothing wrong with that and I still say what you are spewing is a myth. Medium isn’t saying anything that is back up by reality or science. It’s more or less pseudo-science, IMO. BTW, I do view some, in particularly two 1/2 Black males more warmly than others… Because they are my sons and I desire equality for them as much as I want women to have equality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because they are family.

Did you ever stop to think they could be related, in one way or another to someone who is “non-white”? There is nothing wrong with helping your brother or sister achieve equality, as you strive for equality too. In this case, I am actually talking about women and people of colour striving to have equality, which you probably would have no understanding of the need for other humans to have equality to the white male, especially the rich white male.

You’ve lost me with the hyperbole