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No study ever concludes that something always happens. “viewing warmlyy” is not “putting on a pedestal”. You are the king of confirmation bias. Are you that well versed in statistical analysis to truly say you read and understood the details of that article? Are you sure this “warm” feeling translates into votes? Or, are you choosing to accept this study as an authority on the subject, while frequently dismissing other studies as being about the W.E.I.R.D. Americans?

Split hairs all you want. Every move White liberals makes shows their reverence for non-White.

White liberals view other races more warmly than they do Whites.

There’s nothing wrong with that and I still say what you are spewing is a myth. Medium isn’t saying anything that is back up by reality or science. It’s more or less pseudo-science, IMO. BTW, I do view some, in particularly two 1/2 Black males more warmly than others… Because they are my sons and I desire equality for them as much as I want women to have equality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because they are family.

Did you ever stop to think they could be related, in one way or another to someone who is “non-white”? There is nothing wrong with helping your brother or sister achieve equality, as you strive for equality too. In this case, I am actually talking about women and people of colour striving to have equality, which you probably would have no understanding of the need for other humans to have equality to the white male, especially the rich white male.

You’ve lost me with the hyperbole

That’s just plain BS. Northern Aryans have forever subjugated other races because most other races led simpler lives due to more benign climatic conditions.

In Europe the notion of white racial superiority emerged in the 1850s, propagated most assiduously by the comte de Gobineau and later by his disciple Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who first used the term “Aryan” to mean the “white race.” Members of that so-called race spoke Indo-European languages, were credited with all the progress that benefited humanity, and were purported to be superior to “Semites,” “yellows,” and “blacks.”

Believers in Aryanism came to regard the Nordic and Germanic peoples as the purest members of the “race.” That notion, which had been repudiated by anthropologists by the second quarter of the 20th century, was seized upon by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and was made the basis of the German government policy of exterminating Jews, Roma (Gypsies), and other “non-Aryans.”

Modern civilized whites merely recognize that all races have produced extraordinary intelligent and skilful people, adapted to their own unique environments.

This has nothing to do with “putting all black or brown people on a pedestal” , unless that honor is deserved for an extraordinary accomplishment, just as we put extraordinary white people on a pedestal when they deserve that recognition.

I love jazz and admire many black musicians, not because they are black but because they are great jazz musicians.

Listen to this musical elegy written by a black musician in memory of Django Reinhardt, a white musical master.

I admire these black musical giants. They belong on a pedestal.

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Incidentally, not everyone was for colonisation and some people were conscious of the merits of other civilizations.

In 1885, Georges Clémenceau spoke against it in front of la Chambre des députés. The words are those of the time, but nevertheless, he speaks against it.

Google translated:

“M. Clemenceau: The superior races have a right over the inferior races which they exercise, this right, by a particular transformation, is at the same time a duty of civilization. Here, in proper terms, is M. Ferry’s thesis, and we see the French government exercising its right over the inferior races by going to war against them and forcibly converting them to the benefits of civilization. Superior races? inferior races, it is soon said! For my part, I am singularly reduced since I saw German scholars demonstrate scientifically that France had to be defeated in the Franco-German war because the Frenchman is of an inferior race to the German. Since that time, I confess, I look twice before turning to a man and a civilization, and pronouncing: inferior man or civilization. Inferior race, the Hindus! With this great refined civilization that is lost in the mists of time! with this great Buddhist religion which left India for China, with this great efflorescence of art whose magnificent vestiges we still see today! Inferior race, the Chinese! with this civilization whose origins are unknown and which seems to have been pushed at first to its extreme limits. Inferior Confucius! Indeed, even today, let me say that when Chinese diplomats are at odds with some European diplomats… (laughter and applause from various benches) they put on a good show and, if one wants consult the diplomatic annals of certain peoples, one can see there documents which undoubtedly prove that the yellow race, from the point of view of understanding business, of the good conduct of infinitely delicate operations, is in no way inferior to those who are too hasty to proclaim their supremacy.”

[Georges Clemenceau (31 juillet 1885) - Histoire - Grands discours parlementaires - Assemblée nationale]

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I know. He makes it sound like a white woman giving birth to a Black man’s child is giving reverence for non-white. It almost puts it up there with a religion, said like that, but truth is, his words are racism, pure and simple, yet those were his words as quoted, from above in the below quote:

I’m trying not to take offence at the racism. Come to think of it, this could put me in a higher ranking, where I’d be worshipped and adored with “reverence”. lol As Captain Picard once told Number One, “Sometimes you just have to bow to the absurd.” This is one of them.

It’s the only lens some people have. If they can’t come to terms with how their ancestors treated people based on skin color, then they can’t see how movement toward greater equality is the right thing to do. And that’s it’s equality, not a flip to a different kind of inequality.

If you’re talking about slavery that might apply to a small number of today’s Whites. The fact is racism is a type of tribalism – which is natural to everyone except White liberals.

Objection your honor !

Tribalism is at the origins of Xenophobia.

The origin of racism is essentialism, when you classify human beings doting some of different qualities positively or negatively.

To say that " by nature, **** ( any group of people you choose) shows some innate characteristic", is essentialism.

I would not say that White liberals essentialize the Blacks?

I would say that some of them, not all of them, make two mistakes:

  • the first mistake is to think that, because such people have been or are victims, they must be respected in everything they do and they can’t do anything wrong, individually.

  • the second mistake is to think that the White people are collectively the absolute evil and that the other people cannot act badly, collectively.

It is allowed to talk about Western slavery but Arab slavery is unthinkable for them. and so …

And excision is an ancient custom, not a good thing, but one must not judge it from our own criteria.

An exemple : We were in groups and we were exchanging about the status of the woman in different civilizations. An ultra-left woman became angry saying " How do we dare to judge the way other people treat women when, in France, a woman dies every three days, killed by her companion ? "

another woman answered : " Because in France it is not an admitted fact, either by laws or by people. the man is arrested and condemned. We don’t admit that women can be discriminated, forbidden to go out, or killed to restaure the honor of the family. things are not perfect in France for women but we try and make progresses. "

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Try going to a yoga retreat and starting a conversation about oat milk vs almond milk, you’ll see tribalism

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There you go again. Who are you replying to anyway? Racism is learned and is not at all natural.

Good point. It’s easy to confuse tribalism with racism. I can justify some tradition when it comes to maintaining groups with similar traits, claiming superiority based on birth is not a value.

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The framing I like, and didn’t think this up on my own, is that liberals focus too much on the ills of society and forgiving individual victims, while conservatives focus too much on personal responsibility, claiming it can overcome any disadvantage.

I agree – more or less, though that seems like hair-splitting in the sense that some level of essentialism is baked into tribalism.

That’s funny.

It reminds me that the tribalism we find among White liberals is based on lifestyle choices, which is the W.E.I.R.D. mentality in action.

Racism is learned but it develops out of tribalism – which is part of our evolutionary history.

Right. It seems most of the world believes lighter [skin] is better, but I fail to see how light skin is better. For one, it is burns easily and is more susceptible to skin cancer. One top of it all, as far as diabetes and heart disease, we all have about the same chance of getting it. I guess I miss the tribalism, because two leggeds aren’t much different when you get down to it and racism is racism and it is learned, no matter how you slice it. Tribalism is just incidental in the course of learning racism.

I’ll accept that some sort of fear of others is built in, and even that it served a purpose for a long time. But let’s look at what doesn’t serve us. Locking people up and depriving them of normal human functions is neither natural or functional. Claiming that there are races at all is bad science, not natural. Justifying institutional slavery based on skin color or “tribe”, not natural. Creating a market based economy, based on merit, then claiming genetic traits are linked to intelligence, not natural.

So, exactly what part of racism are you saying is part of our “evolutionary history”? The type of slavery and incarceration that developed in the last 500 years has no historical precedent. If you say that the industrialized versions of them are “evolutionary”, then you can’t also call them “progress”. You’re saying we are just as much brutes as we were thousands of years ago and what we call “civilization” is built on that, so it’s not civilized at all

Very true.

Right, because there is only one race- the human race.



All of these things thatoneguy has been doing.

I’m not saying it. Thatoneguy said it.

Didn’t notice that i quoted you, in agreement with your statement, but then I addressed oneguy.