Thank goodness BHT occurs naturally in phytoplankton et al

It is a big relief that BHT was discovered in phytoplankton and other plants. Now people including me can continue using it to extend our lifespans without worrying about it being unnatural. Dr. Denham Harman discovered back in the 1960s that BHT was the best life extending anti-oxidant by far in his studies. Mice and rats fed BHT over their lifetimes lived about 45% longer than the control animals. But many people worried about BHT being an unnatural chemical. Now we know that BHT is nature`s choice for combating the harmful effects of UV rays on those phytoplankton. BHT is also used by many to treat lipid coated viral infections including herpes viruses, hepatitis C, HIV, flu viruses and more. Quite possibly coronavirus because it too is a lipid coated virus. Two people at the Earth Clinic say that BHT did cure their corona virus infection. Anyway, I am happy to know BHT is as natural as any herb.