Terrorism: ISIS or US

Number of people said to have been killed by ISIS: 170,000
ISIS has been around since 2009, so 28,000 a year.
Number of people killed by guns in US: 30,000 a year, so 180,000 since 2009.
Which is the worse terrorist organization?

I know, I know, it isn’t a perfect comparison because the people with guns in the US are not conspiring together to terrorize people–they just terrorize individually. I’m sure in the end, that makes a big difference! If you or a loved one is killed or maimed by a weapon you aren’t going to care if it’s an individual terrorist or a terrorist organization like ISIS. In addition, of course, ISIS is not the only terrorist organization that anyone might become a victim of. The point is, however, that we aren’t much better off in pure numbers of gun casualties in any city in the US than we’d be in an Islamic terrorist target area.