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Dont choose. Just discuss how we got here.

Weren’t you part of it?

You say nothing to do with the Democrats

Like I said, it’s what you choose to take out of it.


Yes you chose to look at half the picture

"What Regs did Obama introduce to ensure oil companies"
If you had any serious interest you'd google it, and then start doing some reading.

Some good, some failings.

Emergency management plans have been set up for a long time, but they are treated with contempt, os what good are they - so how about that side of the problem, the people in charge of the companies and the profit’s über alles mentality?

Incidentally, do you know what "doing your homework means?

Oh, then you might try

"What Regs did Trump introduce to ensure oil companies"
That makes for some nauseating reading.


You tell people to do things that you yourself doesnt do. If you had any nous in you, you would have realised my questions are rhetorical. Bush obama trump and so far Biden did nothing to make oil companies accountable for the mess they create which is pretty hard to do when they are lining your pockets.

Rhetorical questions are empty air, I’m trying to pull a discussion out of you like, reminds me of pulling an obstinate snot out of a little kid’s nose.

There’s plenty of blame for everyone, including me and you. Though some are more to blame than others. Is that what you want?

I have given you my position. Its beyond you to say whether or not you agree with me.


Now you probably are wondering why I posted a link (click on the pic, for forum turned the link into a pic) about a water protector dying of brain cancer. This one statement relates very well to the current topic, as well as her fight against the pipeline in the Dakotas:

Construction of the pipeline began under President Barack Obama. But with demonstrations growing — and security guards attacking protesters with freezing water from pressure hoses, pepper spray, rubber bullets, dogs and mass arrests — the Obama administration later had a change of heart and blocked construction of part of the pipeline.

President Obama listened and changed his mind about the Dakota Pipeline, putting a halt to it. It was the dotard, seen in the next paragraph, who didn’t give a damn and started the construction on the pipeline again. Now it is President Biden’s turn to stop it and I think he will. At least one Democrat has tried to listen and has stopped Big Oil. Repugs, not so much.

Going off a tangent again. Oh well you asked for it


How can you say it’s a tangent when you or someone else asked what the Dems did and I told you by sharing that article. It’s not a tangent when I answered the question as to what the Obama administration did and it’s on topic of pipelines. Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it’s a tangent, but response is because of your response that answered the question, which you didn’t like, because it proved you wrong about Dems.

Gotcha goose is at it again.

As Mriana points out the question was about Obama, but now he wants to complain about Biden instead.

Well, well, look over there.

Misdirection and smoke screens of obfuscation are among the GOP’s top “debate” tactics.

You are going off the issue Mriana as i asked about the Regs. I also mentioned bush obama and biden are guilty as charged in this space and gave you the link why i have included biden

If they stop the pipeline then what regs need to be made if no pipelines are being built?

If its stopped then the pipeline wont be going ahead and the whole discussion involves the 2004 and companies not being held accountable for their loss of containment

Exactly, so then you don’t need regs if you stop the pipeline because there is no pipeline. That’s my whole point.

Mriana, stopped the pigheadness. Pipeline going ahead under biden. The point of this post is corporations suing govt for clean up of their mess. Exactly !!

Seems to me you have the issue with pigheadedness. I answered your question and you just don’t like the answer. So I’m not even sure why you’re here except to spew your views and everyone else on this forum is wrong if they don’t agree with you or give you the answers you like. IMHO, you really need to quit.

Am I allowed my view Mriana or not?

I dont know why you wont engage with what i sent you

“Biden administration will not shut down Dakota Access Pipeline during environmental review, DOJ lawyer tells court”