Oh That Swinging Pendulum

That pendulum so off-kilter, and unbalanced has not only reached it’s nodal extreme and stopped as witnessed last November, it now retreats in reverse with gathering and relentless momentum and very much to the dismay of those who so crassly set it in motion.
As we know, a Trump appointed federal judge has ruled that the massive law suit filed against Rudy Giuliani and company may lawfully proceed. How could it be otherwise? It’s clear and evident that Dominion has real and valid standing in its law suit. Dominion will argue and argue successfully that they’ve been materially damaged by the numerous and unsubstantiated claims aired to a national audience by a certain conservative news organization in general and by the libelous comments by Rudy and company in particular and they will win their case.
The attorneys for Dominion may have already chosen the new SUV’s they intend to buy for their wives when the case is through. I can’t say.
They must be feeling very good about this case. Their courtroom pitch might sound like this;

“Dominion has spent years developing a spotless reputation, a reputation of scrupulous fairness and objectivity. That’s all we have. Without that reputation we’re through. We can never get it back. Ladies and gentlemen without that trust in our name, Dominion ceases to exist as a financial entity and that’s why we seek damages.”
This will be the argument of Dominion’s lawyers if this case ever goes to court but after a good long look into the abyss Rudy’s lawyer will strongly advise on settling out of court. Either way Rudy, America’s mayor is up to his chookies in scalding hot water and the bath tub’s only half full.
Swing Pendulum swing.
“It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing, doo wop doo wop doo wop.”
My comments above are mine (Michael Mckinney) only and are in no way associated with any who maintain or contribute to the Center For Inquiry free speech forum. Michael Mckinney 8/24/2021

Everything Trump touched ended up rotting . Where he walked flowers wilted.

If I were a religious man I’d consider him a Demon commanding a bunch of familiars, most of them ending up in jail or convicted of crimes and moral indignities.

His evil influence is still a blight on the nation.

A man in Michigan involved in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer gets a 6 year sentence and that’s after he turned states evidence.

Two men convicted of sending fraudulent phone messages to tens of thousands of mostly African American voters in Michigan attempting to discourage voter turnout (and African American voter turn out was low) in the 2020 Presidential election have been levied with a fine of over 5 million dollars,

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell and others formally reprimanded with a referral for possible disbarment by a federal judge,
all this within the span of a few days, Oh that pendulum, swinging sharp and swinging fast.

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But wait, there’s more.

Rachel Maddow reports on two Trump-supporting conservative activists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman who were charged with targeting tens of thousands of Black voters with robocalls meant to discourage them from voting by mail, and who were also flagged to the FCC, which responded with a rare, resounding recommendation of a fine of over five million dollars.

BINGO! I’ve noticed when seeing these two that the guy in the suit usually does the talking, I mean the fast talking and the other guy wears a permanent expression that screams "WHAT THE F— DID I GET MYSELF INTO?

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While the beat goes on . . .

A judge in Delaware has found that Fox News’ coverage of election fraud after the 2020 election may have been inaccurate, and is allowing a major defamation case against the TV network to move forward. CNN legal analysts weigh in on the ruling.

More popcorn honey!

It’s about time. I’m getting sick of this crap and the dumpster people worship the dotard, like he’s a god, who can do no wrong. They truly believe he won, is still president, and will win again in 2024. They do not believe he is a criminal who needs to go to prison.

It’s not like they’ll ever get the Italian military to admit to hacking Dominion’s voting machines with their satellites.


And that proves it is true?

Dominion won’t admit they got hacked, and the secret Italian Space Military Program won’t admit they hacked them, so Fox and Q’Friends are the fall guys.


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And we nearly had a hostile takeover by a bunch of zealots as a result.

I hope that the justice system will come down hard on everyone who had a stake in this treasonous behavior.