Talking about my problem here, cause no one cares

Hi all,

Ok talking about my problem here, but let’s have some fun with it, and try no to spend too much time and effort, as then there wouldn’t really be any fun there, for us to have some fun with. The ones who read the whole text good job, the rest who read only part of it you still here replying to me you pussycat?

So player, I don’t know what your problems are, as I don’t know you player, but here’s the problem I have that you player don’t yet know, that you yet don’t understand.

That is the problem that the rest had player. What is the rest player? Well player, the rest obviously is all there is minus you, you can look around you and notice other stuff that aren’t you. What, you really think you’re going to tell me that you can’t? Nah, that moment passed player, I’m still writing, and you player, are still reading, or else if you really had a problem with me writing that, well player, couldn’t you obviously come and tell me earlier to not write that, player?!

Well player, keep imaging stuff if you think so, something else keeps happening around you in reality, I keep writing, you keep reading is what seems to be happening here, player. But what about the rest? Well player, around you, you will notice stuff that are dead as we say, or stuff that over and over and over, behave as all there is minus them planned before everything was made for them to behave, as no one says.

And who am I? I am no one, I don’t know who the hell you think you are! Why? Cause you ain’t someone, and you ain’t fooling no one player! As player, apart from the dead stuff around you, you will also notice living beings, or the stuff that are free from all there is minus them to really do freely as they wish, but that is only after all the laws for the dead stuff were made to really happen over and over and over for the dead stuff to behave.

And this player, just in case you are wondering about reading that above, is for the following reason below.

After all there is minus the living beings, was done making the natural laws, that all the dead stuff had to follow over and over, and over, did the rest really have to make anything else?

And here player, I am afraid as you don’t yet understand that you have to read the following reason below.

After all there is minus the living beings, made the natural laws that the living beings could follow from their nature, in a way that was really fun for them over and over and over, did the rest really have to make any more laws for the dead stuff, who in any case follow the laws that the rest makes for them to follow over and over and over? Why?

Cause player, it really doesn’t seem to me that the rest really had to do anything else. Cause exactly one moment before you really make everything you didn’t really exactly do that yet…earlier you didn’t even come to tell me earlier to not write that thing earlier, you’re going to argue with me regarding one moment exactly before you really make everything that you did everything here now player?! Nah…and also player, one moment after you really made everything, you have to make sure that the moment exactly before that is really there, so that something living can really live it and make everything again, in whatever you player made, or what you made isn’t really fun to happen over and over and over, and you player don’t know how to really have fun with the rest.

Get it player? What’s that? That…

Nature is a lady,

Justice is blind, and…

…MAMA in the end puts order.

Aspirine please, i really need it after reading that

Players only love you when they’re playing.

This user is making these posts on several forums and berating anyone who responds. They have no intention of engaging, thus, suspended.