Structures found near the Earth's core

Researchers analyzed thousands of recordings of seismic waves, or sound waves traveling through the Earth. Echoes from the boundary between Earth’s molten core and the solid mantle layer above it led to the discovery. “The echoes revealed more widespread, heterogenous structures—areas of unusually dense, hot rock—at the core-mantle boundary than previously known,” said the University of Maryland, which participated in the research, in a statement.
Ancient Alien Researchers may consider this to be possible evidence that aliens have constructed massive buildings near the core, that do not melt, and that allow for the use of the heat of the core to power whatever life support systems that they need within those buildings.

Could this be true? Ancient Alien Researchers say “Yes”.

Imagine an ancient civilization of Aliens living in the gigantic structures near our Earth’s core. I wonder what their gravity is like there.