Earth's core is reversing spin

Earth’s inner core may be reversing its rotation

Earth’s inner core may have temporarily stopped rotating relative to the mantle and surface, researchers report in the January 23 Nature Geoscience. Now, the direction of the inner core’s rotation may be reversing — part of what could be a roughly 70-year-long cycle that may influence the length of Earth’s days and its magnetic field — though some researchers are skeptical.

“We see strong evidence that the inner core has been rotating faster than the surface, [but] by around 2009 it nearly stopped,” says geophysicist Xiaodong Song of Peking University in Beijing. “Now it is gradually mov[ing] in the opposite direction.”

Such a turnaround might sound bizarre, but isn’t likely to have profound effects on life

No, Earth’s Inner Core Is Not Reversing The Direction Of Its Spin

It helps to visualize this: Earth’s inner core is a solid ball that is surrounded by a fluid outer core. This is how it can rotate at a different pace compared to the planet’s outer layers — it’s essentially spinning at its own pace in a molten ocean at the center of our world.

This is the state of knowledge about our own planet?

Who’s state of knowledge?

“The “signal” is gradually moving in the opposite direction.”
Might have been a better way of wording it.

I mean, doesn’t a basic understanding of Conservation of Momentum make it clear that a spinning top can’t suddenly reverse direction. How in creation could a massive spinning celestial body (or its various distinct internal layers) reverse its direction of momentum, short of a collision with a moon sized object, perhaps.

I like the analogy, it’s like when you’re driving on the freeway, going faster than the car in front of you, then as you pass it, it reverses direction, and its forward motion become a backward motion, in relation to your vehicle.

Although guess we could splash a headline saying that planet’s periodically change direction, absolutely positively, you can observe it with your own eyes!
Then only to correct their retrograde orbit error, by changing direction to once more move in the correct direction again, that is, following the sun’s direction of rotation.


I think it’s a reflection of the impoverished state of fundamental scientific knowledge among We The People, including journalists and politicians and consumers. The general stupefaction that has gone on in the public arena is a monstrosity that will destroy us in the end.

This is why I get so upset at all the wasted treasure and time going into hairy fairy utter bulls¶t like Hoffman’s, looking for a new reality to replace this one we exit in, and all the people who go along with it because, well provocative is where it’s at, and it’s easier than learning about our biological roots and this planet that created us and that we depend on.