Sounds like Pence and Trump are saying America needs a dictator.

Mike Pence defends Donald Trump comments on Vladimir Putin: 'inarguable' By Tal Kopan, CNN | September 9, 2016 “I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country. and that’s going to change the day that Donald Trump becomes president." —Mike Pence "But pressed by Bash on the difference between the two nation's governments -- namely that in the US democracy presidents share power with Congress, Pence acknowledged that Trump was not advocating for a dictatorship."
Well then why say something so idiotic in the first place? What are you thinking Pence !? Are you guys even thinking? "and that’s going to change the day that Donald Trump becomes president."
Trump praises Putin at national security forum By John Wagner, Jose A. DelReal and Anne Gearan | September 8, 2016 NEW YORK — Donald Trump defended his admiration for Russian President Vladi­mir Putin at a forum here Wednesday focused on national security issues, even suggesting that Putin is more worthy of his praise than President Obama. “Certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader," Trump said. “We have a divided country." The Republican presidential nominee said that an alliance with Russia would help defeat the Islamic State, and when asked to defend some of Putin’s aggressions on the world stage, he asked, “Do you want me to start naming some of the things Obama does at the same time?" Trump also said he appreciated some of the kind words Putin has had for him. “Well, I think when he calls me brilliant, I think I’ll take the compliment, okay?" ...
Narcissist In Chief. I'll bet Putin salivates at the thought of Trump becoming America's Commander In Chief. Lousy turn coats. Paranoia and resentment towards fellow citizens is all these slobs have to offer. Yet the cadre's of disaffected angry are so great, this con-artist is mistaken for some hero. The stupidity repeats itself over and over again, and it's looking more like the 1930s all the time. Enemies defined in simplistic black and white, self-certainly puffing up everyone's egos, and we dance towards another nightmare.

This post was begun 4 years ago. Are we better off now, than we were 4 years ago?

Hmmm. I’d say that Putin IS definitely better off.

And the tRump is as much in the pocket of Putin as ever.

And the tRump HAS STEADILY INEXHORABLY installed his SHALLOW STATE of lackees, and has gained power over more and more, previously independent facets of govt that traditionally have served to protect our form of a Constitutional Democratic Republic.

The tRump is NOW about to have a 6-3 supermajority in the SCOTUS, to go along with having SO MANY installed lackees as federal Judges - much more of them than have been appointed by almost any POTUS in one term.

The DOJ is now an agency whose role is to help the tRump draw more and more power to himself, and get away with it.

Other govt agencies have lackees installed as their leaders so that serving the whims of the tRump is now their role.

He has even corrupted the science based agencies like the FDA and the CDC, such that he controls their public messaging such that they are not allowed to maintain any messages that conflict with what the tRump wants. Even though the tRump’s control of messaging about COVID has resulted in strongly contributing to the continuing MASS DEATHS.

Look at the tRump’s current remarks about getting rid of ballots in order to continue his power. He is setting up ways to keep power even if he loses the current election.

Now think about a shit-hole country, that has a leader who is saying such things. Think about a shit-hole country whose economy is in the toilet, with crazy historically high levels of unemployment and debt. Think about a shithole country that is failing more than any other to prevent deaths from a pandemic. Think about a shit-hole country in which the leader has installed his personal lackees to follow his every whim, in most agencies of the govt. Think about a shit-hole country in which the leader (and blossoming dictator) proclaims himself the be the greatest ever of everything when he is actually the worst. Think about being such a shit-hole country that it’s citizens are banned from travelling to just about any non-shithole country.)

Are we better off than 4 yrs ago? Or instead of making America great, has the tRump made made America a shit-hole country?

(If anyone is offended by my use of the term “shit-hole countries”, just note that this is a term made infamous by the tRump, himself).

That’s right, our country is on track to be a prime shit-hole country. I hate this. But it is what it is. The tRump’s campaign slogan should honestly be Make America a Shit-hole Country.