Some things that worked for me

Hello, my name is Matthew. I built this series with you in mind. I have had major issues with insomnia for a period of more than a decade. I was up 3 weeks during one episode. Some of you are not gonna wanna hear this but I found that my excessive Cannabis use was most likely a contributing factor. Taking an extended break was in order and that broke the cycle. Another technique I have discovered may seem contradictory. Caffeine early in the day and by the end of the day the crash provides me a deep sleep. I have had to quit that which results in withdrawal like symptoms including nausea and headache and sour mood. I still smoke some weed but I have to be careful to keep it minimal. Another thing that has helped me is are sleep background sounds, like white noise. I have found that some are better than others. That’s why I started this video series. To produce better sleep inducing backgrounds. I studied the effects and kinds of white noise and purchased Synthesizers to professionally produce and record the smoothest sound possible for the deepest, undisturbed rest.

But then I decided to take it to the next level. Why just sleep to regular white noise when you can also receive the benefits of subconscious suggestions. How does it work? When words are spoken at a level that your conscious mind can’t detect, however your unconscious picks it up. I have recorded affirmations of different topics and layered them into the white noise at a very low volume level. Take a look. And if you feel like I’m spamming you, or trying to sell you something, consider that after all of my investment and hard work, I’ve seen no compensation whatsoever. So hop on in and experience the improvements to your sleep hygiene.

Hi. Thanks for sharing!