Shortest scientist v creationists debate ever

Short and sweet.

Unfortunately the wide eyed creationist wasn’t listening. His mind is all a buzz with the concept that there are “scientists” who “believe” in creationism. And there are such people ready to prostitute themselves to promote pseudoscientific hypotheses. I have no doubt that the young man was either homeschooled of attended one of the fundie colleges that espouse creationism and ID, say Bob Jones U. Or Liberty Baptist U.
Cap’t Jack

If creationists listened to reasoned arguments they couldn’t be creationists.

The problem is the verb though Darron, “listening” is something they’ve been trained to do only selectively, meaning only in a religious context. they’re trained not to think outside of the box. knowledge can seriously jeopardize dogma; it’s the devil’s tool ya know. Just as the telephone was back in 1876.
Cap’t Jack

I agree with you, TVA. Back when I was a fundie xtian I heard many a sermon warning of the evils of secular humanism and dangers secular education.

Me too and also that Catholics were going to hell because they weren’t “evangelical” and worshipped idols. Heard that in a Baptist Church with a rousing chorus of Amens to top it off. The pastor really never mentioned other religions though, probably because the congregation had never heard of any outside of their own faith.
Cap’t Jack

Sure there are scientists who believe in creationism, but they’re doing religion not science when they propose creationism or ID as a likely explanation for what we observe in the natural world.
Their faith tells them that god made everything, not the evidence.

My gal showed me this cartoon this morning - it got a good laugh out of me, then I remembered this thread and for some bizarre reason it seems to me to fit right in with the general drift of this thread…

Cheeeesus Crust that’s hilarious!
Our lord that art in cheese.
Though I walk through the valley of crackers, I fear no evil for Cheesus Crust is with me.
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