Sharing philosophy with you

I was born in Barcelona 41 years ago. I’m actually living at Melanesia. Port Orly Vanuatu. I dedicated my entire life to the subject of philosophy and I pass the last four years here in my hut working on it and redacting my conclusions in a book of philosophy. I did this because in my consideration the best I could do is to try to find some answers and some solutions for we collectively try to change our actual situation as species and we don’t disappear. In fact I honestly think I maybe found some answers and some solutions as well, or at least some basics about them. My intention is to share with anybody interested in to find some solutions to our world situation my ruminations about, for you by your own can develop them further on and to share them with specialy your governments, because those are the onlyones who can apply any measures for correcting our current planetary derive. I know it sounds a bit overcoming, but I think our actual situation as species is requiring than we make as a whole an effort and to collaborate in workout big solutions or colective programs. There is a link on my bio for you download my work and here I’m writing it again for you. God hep us: 5.91 MB file on MEGA

I hope you will enjoy it, like I enjoyed. You have me here for debating any of my ideas in case you considered it worth to do so.