Seeking homeopathy users in the Northeastern USA

I am a longterm-disabled man, in my late 50s, who has been hampered by a misunderstanding family and their friends, and by having been dependent upon (US) Government programs over 30 years, from being able to access homeopathic care beyond simply purchasing available remedies from local retailers. I want to, for lack of a better term, be “adopted” by someone in the Northeast, hopefully living as close to where I currently am as possible, with considerable personal success using homeopathy. As it now stands, I face an uncertain future living with a family member only a few years older than I am. I don’t want to create unneeded panic just because I don’t fit into the usual description of someone interested in improving my health in this way. I hope I can carry on this conversation privately with people who(m) can at least put me a little bit closer to connecting with people able to get involved with me. reverse phone lookup

I’m sorry, but homeopathy is snake oil. The reason that they are not allowed to make any claims that they can treat or cure any disease is because they can’t treat or cure any disease. Literally if it worked all they would have to do is produce a scientific study showing it worked and they would be able to openly claim the benefits they claim to you in private after they’ve checked to make sure there are no recording devices around. The reason they don’t do that isn’t because they can’t, the reason they don’t do that is because it would disprove their claims.