SeanKim: Hoffman Proves Life is Simulation - Pure Energy comment & response

I’m dealing with another interesting character over in YouTube land, and want to import the dialogue. I will also extend an invitation to “PureEnergy” since YouTube commenting is so limited, see if he wants to have a go at it. Besides YouTube is super sketchy with comments lot of stuff disappears, and other curiosities not worth gettin into.

Besides the following also relates to some conversations over here at CFI and might even help my pal Martin connect some of the dots. If it leads to some more discussion, so much the better.

Donald Hoffman Proves That We Live in a Simulation

Jan 13, 2021 on SeanKim’s channel

**Pure Energy** writes to citizenschallengeYT 

If you don't have a core self that is quarks/electons/atoms, then how do you think you heal?

You are cut, and then you heal. What did you heal back to? Perfect skin and muscle, etc.

At the core of biology is quarks/electrons/atoms which all spin as light. How do you think that light becomes you? Subatomic particles and the waves they come from can never be escaped. Everything everywhere consists of subatomic particles which spin and pulsate super-fast as light.

These words come from physics books. YOU are calling Nobel prize winners in physics ludicrous? *{* [ *No I am not! Donald Hoffman yes* ]( *}*

There is no physical reality. These physicists were concerned with the light we consist of. You really need to read before you write. ([By Pure Energy](

(The following is with additions and edits)

Dear​ @PureEnergy.

Come on, please stop deliberately twisting what I said. My grudge is with Hoffman’s mindgame - NOT with fundamental physics or the geniuses who figured it out! We have no fight, Please, think about it, so okay, you are talking about pure energy and the tiniest constituents, while ignoring what they became.

Sure, it started with pure energy, which begat, light and atoms and elements and dust and gravity and generations worth of galaxies and exploding stars, ~10 billions years worth of it before Earth happened.

Then on to this spectacular home planet of ours, geology and biology, then life, then complexity and evolution, then us. That took another ~4.5 billion years, while we humans can barely grasp a hundred years and civilizations have spanned a few dozen of millennia.

Think of it, the dance of geology and biology cascading down the river of time - that’s where all the magic happens. That’s what gave birth to complex creatures, that learned how to navigate in their environments, that eventually, created a creature that could, not only navigate, but reflect upon itself, remember and share. Our gods grew from inside that pageant, bound to our ability to think and tell stories and write, which is only a few thousand years old.

Pure energy the human, WHY, are you obsessing over light and stardust and bricks in the wall - and thereby ignoring this biosphere that created you, a human-being who can think and dance and wonder at the world around you and the people in your life? Can you explain that?

It’s a logical fallacy, but I’m not sure of the name. I call it the “it’s just” fallacy. As in, love doesn’t exist, it’s just hormones. Sad really. It takes something wondrous about how we are made from stardust, and turns it into; we’re just dirt.

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