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I need to drill into this one

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I need to drill into this one

[If AI becomes conscious: here’s how researchers will know ]
Yes indeed. I like the idea of a little bit conscious.

If AI becomes conscious: here’s how researchers will know

A checklist derived from six neuroscience-based theories of consciousness could aid in the assessment.

The team says that a failure to identify whether an AI system has become conscious has important moral implications. If something has been labelled ‘conscious’, according to co-author Megan Peters, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine, “that changes a lot about how we as human beings feel that entity should be treated”.

This is what keeps me wondering if consciousness includes “emotion”.
Can an entity be conscious but not emotional? If so then there should be no problem with “hurting” an AI’s feelings (emotions). The AI could process all information without any emotional response.

Different thread really. Couldn’t resist.

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God was born with the first question about causality. This exact behavior can be seen in today’s Chimpanzees. The Alpha will challenge the heavens during a thunderstorm, by picking up a stick and waving it at the sky and beating the bushes in a display of defensive posture against an unseen enemy that makes loud noises and throws fire and water at him and his family.

But it is humans who called it “God”