Respect My Author-i-tay

I’m just about done with Dennet’s Breaking the Spell. He uses the example of his friend “Fred". Fred knows everything, so whenever Daniel is in an argument, he can just refer to Fred as his authority, end of discussion. Obviously an easy comparison to “God did it".
But, he makes the point that we delegate authority all the time. We do it with good reason, like in the case of law making. But we make sure we have some way to keep checks on that authority. Not a perfect system, but everyone trying to know everything would not work, so we have to do it.
The problem is when you accept an authority without considering its credentials or the consequences of delegating. Can you think of other examples?

Recently seen “You might be an atheist” letcure. Simple, yet briliant reasoning.
I have one particular problem with society, and thats that I dont respect authorities. Reasons… I am usualy aware of the consequences (in expected, and in less expected scenarios) and whats the extent of my own responsibility.I am usually wiling to accept someone’s authority in case its a “fair exchange”. Simple example - Elder in my family sends me to buy something in mall - I will do what I am asked for, but the decision about specific details of the purchase are my decision - based on my own responsibilty and authority.
Reason why idea of “god who takes away my sins” is horrendous to me, is that it does not only take away the “sin” , but it also takes away both authority and responsibility for my own life.
(I could go on with “born sick, commanded to be sound”, “a wish to be a slave”, “eternal, all-knowing parent”).
In case mentioned above, people delegate part of their authority to a unseen being, while they hope the part of their responsibility (sin) will go away with it too. Except the authority… That does not go away, but remains in hands of the clergy or priest, or shaman or whoever speaks for flying spaghetti monster. Thats why its not a fair trade in my opinion.
Edit: As for more examples… any sort of idol, or ideal, certain celebrities, or social media receive authority they dont bind with responsibility.