Reparations and unintended consequences

Reparations is a hot topic nowadays. A city in the Chicago area actually paid out reparations. But here’s what I think will actually happen (not making a judgment but rather a prediction). Congress will agree to some big payout, with numerous prominent African Americans, Blacks, etc. praising it. The reparations will be paid and then another black guy will be shot by a white cop, and all hell will break out - in the opposite direction. There will be a BLM march or something, and then the real rioting will begin with mass attacks on the marchers. Republicans will rise up with “We gave you what you asked for, and yet you’re still complaining! That proves the system isn’t racist, it’s just that you actually ARE as bad as we said you were.” And as a result, the BLM movement, civil rights, etc. will be set far far back by legislation that makes the current crop of far-right legislation look timid.

Again, not my belief, but my prediction given how Republicans think. Simplistic, ignorant, Trumpy. But there it is. Thoughts?

Sometimes I do fear where the GOPers are headed and the thought that it’s merely a flip of the coin (one side or the other) that could give them more power.

Early in trumps run I said I wonder if he’s as dumb as a fox. … No, I now don’t think he’s that crafty, but there are other evils in the GOP that are riding his coat tails (cruz) and if that wave comes to power we could be in real trouble.

I wish all the luck to Cheney, Romney, Gonzales and the like to stand up to the sickness that has infected the GOP.

But as for reparations… where do you draw the line? Direct descendants of slavery are not the only ones who suffered the consequences of systemic racism. I saw the headline but not the details about reparations in Il.

Most likely reparations scenario