Record methane levels pose new threat to Paris climate accord

For the record this is not spam but it is an article behind a paywall.

Looks like a link with absolutely nothing attached. Is this a discussion forum, 0r what?

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Seems that I had heard that there might be a dangerous threat of massive methane release from arctic areas as the permafrost melts. That we are getting a major surge from the tropics only seems to make the situation more dire.

Wow how was Pat D idiotic post? So idiotic he pull it. If methane gets hold its game over for any life on earth and his concern is his percieved advantage in living location against rising sea levels.

Sorry Tim, I must have pushed the wrong button. My post has vanished.

What I said was that the claim makes sense because I think a lot of biological matter would have been frozen in the last ice age.

I also said, facetiously, that I’d like to know the reason if parts of the US coastline moved 100 miles inland. Plus, that if I were a much younger man, I would buy a house in the Adelaide hills.



Jeesh, even when we are supporting a point that Player is making, he wants to troll.

“Jeesh, even when we are supporting a point that Player is making, he wants to troll.”

Indeed. I’ve already reported him once. Problem is not all of his posts are trolling. I think he makes an effort sometimes. ‘Sometimes’ isn’t enough for me, especially given the fact that he trolls me a lot . There doesn’t seem to be a rule against being a childish little dropkick. So, I do the only thing I can; I ignore it.

Thats the point. Making light on the most important issue mankind has ever faced

It is socially appropriate to occasionally add some levity to even a serious dialogue as long as it is not blatantly offensive or intended to offend. It can ease the tension.

Is the mind small or is the problem small??

Stop your nonsense questions and say what you want to say!

Where did you learn to engage in social dialogue, Twitter?

Just so.

Imo asking a veteran how many people he has killed is deeply offensive and inappropriate .

Overall, my perception is that his sniping little remarks at me are trolling, made to elicit a response. I don’t accept that from my siblings, who I like and love. Certainly won’t wear it from some immature little toe rag on an internet forum. I say immature because my perception is of an adolescent of around 16 years, lacking sensitivity, empathy-and a sense of humour.

Im betting small minded

Player, does that make you feel superior? Or satisfied?

Citizen - what? To know we are in deep deep trouble?