Raskin takes us to school

I’m not a huge BTC fan, but he gets things out there that need to be. Raskin has shown up as a powerhouse since Jan 6, and here, he puts insurrection in historical and constitutional context, totally squashing any 2nd amendment argument that it is some kind of a “right” of the people.

I get the sense Jamie did a lot of this off the top of his head, so, it goes a little long, but I’ve never seen anything better on this topic.

The video starts after the bra ad!!

OK it only played the bra ad. I don’t know what you wanted to show.

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That is some weird quirk of how it shows up in my history list. Anyway, you should see Jamie Raskin’s face now. Sorry if everyone else gets bra ads now.

It started playing with no ad, so far so good.
Good choice.

Mar 23, 2024 - Class with Jamie Raskin -

CLASS WITH JAMIE RASKIN episode 2: Jamie Raskin takes on the rightwing fallacy that the Second Amendment gives people the power to form private militias to resist federal tyranny and violently overthrow the government.

It begs the question, what happened to a “well regulated militia”?
Everybody has the same MAGA T-shirt and hat and an AR15?

Now I see it and so now I need an hour free time to watch it.

There is some building of the logic, but it can be taken in small chunks