Rasilon: wannabee scientiste

I’m Declan, and I was directed here from R.Dawkins Foundation Website.

No science quals beyond GCSE Physics, but getting interested in science, particularly astrophysics and planetary science, and maths. Not v talented at math but wanna learn.

Always enjoyed hearing Prof Dawkins when he’s talking about his area of expertise, ever since I was a kid and Dad put on a video of Prof Dawkins’ Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

Dont know if I’d like science as a career (yet) but looking to deepen my amateur’s understanding


Nice to hear the Foundation led you to us. There is very little promotion for this forum.

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They said there was alot more science discussion here which I can see there is, while on the RDF site it seems to be mostly philosophy and politics

Welcome! Very happy to have you here.

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Thanks you too. Looking forward to our discussions :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome. You may want to check out some CFI sponsored Youtube vids.


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Start a thread on a topic you like.
There are a bunch of science lovers around here.

I (we) are looking forward to hearing from you.