Rand Paul 2016

I think Rand Paul represents the biggest threat to the continuation of a Democratic Presidency. Here’s why:
He is actually saying some things that sound sane, and exhorting his Party to expand their base, while at the same time, not being rejected by the current rabid base.
He is emphasizing an issue that should have already been vigorously taken on by progressives. That is the injustices in our criminal “justice” system created by the perpetual war on drugs.
He is accusing Obama of promoting income “inequality”. This may not be true, but it is true that Obama has not been able to do a whole lot to address this issue. And, more importantly, it is an attempt to co-opt this issue from Democrats.
I think that the Canadian, Ted Cruz, unless he follows Paul’s lead, will only continue to be a darling of the current rabid t-partiers.
And Republican leaders who, like Jeb Bush, attempt to introduce some blatant level of humanity-sanity to the Repubs, will continue to be rejected by their current base.
I think Paul actually has a chance to successfully expand their base.
Meanwhile, there are no viable potential Democratic candidates who are actively taking on the above issues. Joe Biden can’t very well appear critical of an administration that he is part of (although, at this point he should probably begin to think about it). And Hillary Clinton simply remains coy about whether she will even run.