Profiles in Appeasement - Alden Meyer

While the country returns to slumber the Alt-Right is hard at work preparing to destroy the government we’ve helped create and that they hate.
Let’s instead cuddle with a good boobtube show and ignore the tide. :down:

Description of Alt-Right Origins - Richard Spencer
Here's an example of the what and who of how we've so miserably failed.
Driving to a job the other morning I heard an interview on “Love of Earth" a NPR program with Alden Meyer a proud old environmental warrior, Directory of Strategy and Policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists. His advice: “People should just hold their horses a little bit and wait and see what develops. Let Mr. Trump get his transition team in place, get his key nominees in place, and then see how it plays out." That response was like getting slapped in the face on top of everything else that’s occurring (... and that’s not occurring.). Appeasement at it very worst in a time when Meyer and the UCS should be broadcasting and explaining how serious of a national crisis our country has been tossed into. Nothing less than the active engagement of millions of previous sideliners into our national political dialogue will temper their future achievements. Don’t forget Trump and his Alt-Right and neo-Republican people have promised to dismantle huge programs and protections that our nation and its people’s wellbeing have come to rely on, given half a change. We've f'n given them a full house. Wake up the oligarchs are in charge now. Democrats and traditional Republicans have proven themselves to be impotent, younger generations you better step up, lordie knows none of us older ones has your back. _____________________________________ Love of Earth, interview with Alden Meyer Air Date: November 18, 2016 . . . For the fire works, visit: