Politics revealed: Just in time for voting


The enemy of life is authoritarianism on both the Democrats and Republican attitude.

Religion is a secondary effect, not a cause.

Looks really interesting. I hope to find a couple hours for this soon.

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Free Market?

IsNot, What is a “Free Market”? Where can it be found?

Can you define it within what we experience in our contemporary world?

This guy is good. He has a good grasp of where the Enlightenment fell short. And he’s also good at abusing that knowledge. He sees the problem, and does a worse job of giving a solution than Bill O’Reilly. At around 23 minutes, he talks about the role of government, first he says “force”, then he slides in how it is always about “coercion”. He glosses over, and never comes back to how you keep civil society civil. Other than large waves of the hand to letting everyone do what they want.

He calls Obama’s campaign “vacuous”. I’ll give him some on that, but show me a non-vacuous campaign. Those who research the issues can find the answers to what they are up to and Obama had that available in spades. His opponents never did. They did nothing but say Obama was wrong and never had an alternative plan other than reducing taxes on the wealthy and undoing regulations.

He says Democrats are all about the economics and wanting to control them. He says they want to control corporations. The irony was dripping. What is a corporation trying to do? Why are they taking their money offshore? Why are they paying off congress to create loopholes for them and literally give them money?

In the Q&A, he’s right that the Enlightenment did not deliver on creating a moral philosophy, but he does not deliver either. In fact, he advocates the opposite.

Authoritarianism is the enemy of progress? We KNEW that! Theoretically that is the reason we have a democracy and three branches of government. But when someone like Trump gets in and the Senate simply serves as a rubber stamp for him, all bets are off.