Pageant of Evolution in 8 minutes, Blake de Pastino

Some of you regulars are aware that I spent much of last years talking about the Pageant of Evolution in 24hours. It was an attempt to convey the sweep and majesty of the Evolution that has unfolded on this most magnificent of planets. Now I discover a video from 2018 that does one of the nicest, concisest, overview combining story of supercontinents with some milestones in evolution.


I share this because it’s such a sweet job of conveying what was going on upon the face of our planet over the ages:


The Whole Saga of the Supercontinents in 8 minutes.

at the YouTube channel PBS Eons, {which I’ve watched lots of installments of, my bad, I missed this one.}

Hosted by Blake de Pastino -

FYI: Supercontinent Saga host Blake de Postino was also part of the team that produced the “Crash Course Astronomy” series, which is terrific.

Agreed. Good sense of humor and timing too.