Old fart facing contemporary music - need help and encouragement

The good news is my 27yr old daughter invited us to the Telluride Ride festival, Sunday’s show.
The joker in the deck is when I listen to the radio, I find myself turning most of it off, with comments I’ll keep to myself.
But hey I don’t get to spend that much time with my kid, it’s going to be way special just for that.
I know that live is way different than driving, and hoping the energy of the moment gets me in a groove,
really hoping something grabs me by the backbone and yanks me out of my seat the way the Lil Smokies]
did me in Pagosa Springs.
I know some of you out there, Darron, Andrew, others have kept up with the music and know the hip scene.
Can you offer a dinosaur any advice and encouragement?

Well, I should have figured that the Telluride folks could be trusted. Not a mealy mouthed whiney group to be heard. Arrived for Jackie Greene, fun stuff, they tossed in a couple well played Dead covers that had me realizing, well hell this could be good. Yes the being live and being there for the music helped - the awesome mountain setting is always a treat, and the Telluride musical events area, keeps improving. Their permanent stage is one impressive structure - no wind is going to blow that thing into the audience. It was fun watching Temperance Movement taking my uppity attitude and shoving right it up my keister to make that backbone move and jive. Good beat, strong vocal, fun music. Kaleo all the way from Iceland with their blues and rock kept it going, I regretted not peeling off from my wonderful company of two ladies to get up front and go crazy dancing a little, they definitely had the music to do it. Then suddenly they were done - the one pisser of the evening they were scheduled to play 90 minutes but called it quits after 70 min. Don't know what that was about, but I certainly would have enjoyed listening to a few more numbers by them. Then came BECK. Obviously the "established" star with his air of entitled grandiosity - not that crowd which got on it's collective feet to welcome them, weren't encouraging him every bit of the way. Hell of a light and graphics show. It was fun music, but seemed to me a bit of over reliance on volume and graphics to carry his show. Originally I was thinking for the last band I would definitely go up front for some serious dance therapy - but damned with that extra couple notches of sonic wall of volume plus those lights, well they acted like a repellent and I was quite content back where we were. Also his show was more of a show, it didn't have that I gotta dance power, I was fine to sit, or stand and tap my toes and wag my fanny. Not saying that musically it wasn't first rate, it was, but it didn't have that spiritual dimension, (or musical purity), that reaches into thee ol backbone zone the way the other three groups managed to do now and then. Beck is obviously a good ol professional entertainer the way he schmoozed the crowd and kept returning to doting on the spectacular venue that he was playing at for the first time ever ("One of the three most beautiful venues", he's ever played at and he's played around the world) - even managed to sing a ditty about it - though I could see it being a boilerplate song, fill in venue here - though up there in the mountains, it's more heart felt than at other more mundane venues. Yeah, nothing like watching first time big time performers at Telluride - no one is not blown away by the entirety of the experience. Besides the pure joy of spending time with my daughter and lady-love - the musical experience was wonderful and I loved the bands for taking that cynical chip on my shoulder blasting it away. Oh and for making the point to me that good music is alive and well, even if often lost within the swelling tide of garbage out there. My take away, don't trust that what you hear on the radio is representative of what's out there.

And now about this venue here at CFI.
How many people who post here are actively engaged in the adventure of their lives?
How many watch themselves bumble through life with serious curiosity, desire to learn, desire to improve and understand
along with enough humor to laugh at one self?
How many are fascinated by the many poetic moments we experience as our days and interactions unfold.
It seems around here folks have endless time to talk about the most obscure often quite irrelevant trivia -
but when it comes to the basics of ourselves and the challenge and struggle of living our own days -
and reflecting on our joys, sorrows, disappointments, victories, what gives?
Titano gets into it and even though I have serious issues with the way he approaches many things, the dude seems engaged in wrestling with his own day to day.
Or at least that’s how it comes across to me. That impresses me.

Sounds like a fun concert. I would have definitely recommended ear plugs.

My take away, don’t trust that what you hear on the radio is representative of what’s out there.
Absolutely! Radio stations nowadays do a pretty bad job of showcasing a variety of material. It's pretty much the opposite of what they do.
Sounds like a fun concert. I would have definitely recommended ear plugs.
Oh you bet I had plugs in, but they have their limits :lol:

Spotify can be helpful in stretching one’s musical horizons. Working on that right now…

Sirius XM I’ve found to be good too. Lots of variety in their stations. As for current popular music that has wide appeal, you can’t get better than Mumford and Sons.

@ CCv3
Try this ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZjV22kZUpA
and just listen to the next few tunes from this menu. These are all excellent musicians with inventive music easy on the ear.
It might just be what you are looking for as a start.
Oh and you may not have heard Jean Luc Ponty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL588eI4EbI
None of these are hard rock but this is good stuff!!

One of the best pop acts, in my opinion, is Sturgill Simpson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsrsrOB0zNQ
The rest of what I tend to listen to is more off the beaten path. Here’s a few, some more recent than others:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhjG47gtMCo (weird video, great tune)

Not too many people are familiar with Michel Petrucciani,
And this extraordinary heart rending version of the beautiful tune Estate. I could write an entire love story from the emotional expressions in this brilliant performance.
And this rendering of Cantabile. Which is a pure example of “tension and release”

Hey thanks for the tips, some day I’ll get around to listening to them - been a very busy summer.
But, regarding my day to days, I don’t listen to music a lot.* Most the time at work I need to concentrate on what I’m doing and music makes an unpleasant irritating distraction. I love live music and I have a bunch of long time close friends who are serious musicians with various bands (they do evolve) that play locally and their door is open to me when they practice Wednesdays. That I love, as good as it gets.
*I’ve often wondered if it has anything to do with growing up in a home that had music playing (Classical, Jazz for the most part - WFMT radio) all the time.
Fortunately, it was also interspersed with Chicago symphony and public concerts at the Chicago’s Grant Park band shell, among others. So my love of music is deep, but sort of like making love, best thing in the world, but I sure can’t do it all the time.

Are you hip to David Bowie’s last album? I’m a fan - he was a talented dude, but in particular because he was able to hire some of New York’s best jazz musicians to play on it - and the energy in the recordings is off the chart.
This wasn’t really a fluke, in the sense that Bowie was an experimenter. He listened extremely widely to pretty much everything, popular or not. This is an awfully diverse list:

I’m an old guy who has spent a lot of time explaining to my children and grand children that my generation invented rock and roll so I don’t need their advice. I place my trust in the words of that great American philosopher Billy Joel with his lyrics from Glass Houses," Hot funk, cool punk, even if it’s old junk its still rock and roll to me."

I'm an old guy who has spent a lot of time explaining to my children and grand children that my generation invented rock and roll so I don't need their advice. (I love it.) I place my trust in the words of that great American philosopher Billy Joel with his lyrics from Glass Houses," Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk its still rock and roll to me."
Fair enough, if it winds it's way into your backbone you know you're in for a good time. Oh the wordsmithing was wonderful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eAQa4MOGkE