NRA ex-prez David Keene's commencement speech to the Lost Class of 2021


Gun control nonprofit Change the Ref invited former NRA president David Keene into giving a commencement speech at a lost high school class of 2021 — one held for the students who would be attending their own this year if gun violence hadn’t killed them. It’s a striking image.

During his speech, Keene called on the nonexistent students to fight against the push for tighter gun control policies.

“I’d be willing to bet that many of you will be among those who stand up and prevent those from proceeding,” Keene said during the speech to 3,044 empty socially distanced chairs.

Change the Ref posted a three-part series of the event on YouTube Wednesday, which Keene and Lott were told was a rehearsal with empty chairs. The videos show snippets of Keene's and Lott's speech with audio recordings of 911 calls by students during school shootings.

Lott told BuzzFeed News that he was not aware that the ceremony was fake, and he was told the actual commencement ceremony was cancelled due to a credible threat of violence. He said he tried to call the person who had contacted him to speak at the graduation but the number was disconnected.


“Ironically, had the men conducted a proper background check on the school, they would have seen that the school is fake,” a Change the Ref spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

Keene and Lott were invited to speak at the graduation of a fictional high school called James Madison Academy to film addresses for the fake Las Vegas high school’s 2021 class of graduates. Buzzfeed News reported that after filming their speeches, the two men were informed that the graduation had been “cancelled,” but weren’t told that the entire event was a sham. …

Oh, the liars for hire, got punked. They don’t like it. Well we don’t like their nonstop lie fabrication and hate mongering either.

This is exact what American needs more of, citizens speaking up to the power and money. Try to rescue what we can of our political system, before they turn America into Amerika a corporate run profit machine.


Change the Ref - June 23, 2021

This year, 3,044 students won’t get the chance to graduate because they were killed by a gun. It’s time we pass universal background checks, so we can protect our students and make sure more of them make it to their graduation day. By donating to Change the Ref, you’re helping in the fight against the gun violence epidemic. Change the Ref uses the funds raised to keep applying pressure to our politicians and policymakers through creativity, creating more campaigns like The Lost Class. Together, we can change the perception of guns in America and inspire change that will keep the futures of our students safe from guns.

Meanwhile, stupid Parson of Missouri said those who followed Federal gun laws would be fined. The stupid man wants a free-for-all concerning guns.