Enough is Enough

Only a psychopath would keep claiming that free access to guns in America is making Americans safer.

Police said a former student opened fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people and sending scores of students fleeing into the streets in the nation's deadliest school shooting since a gunman attacked an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. Frantic parents rushed to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to find SWAT team members and ambulances surrounding the campus as classes prepared to dismiss for the day. Live footage showed emergency workers who appeared to be treating the wounded on sidewalks. "It is a horrific situation," said Robert Runcie, superintendent of the school district in Parkland, Fla. "It is a horrible day for us."
The entire American public is militarized and this is the endless result. There needs to be an effective plan to remove as many weapons from the streets as possible and restrict access to weapons to those who can demonstrate a valid need. This idea that being American makes someone a responsible gun owner has been disproved so many times it's insane to claim that having millions of guns on the streets is safe. As for the olgino troll here, keep your goddamned opinions to yourself on this, we get that you mean America harm...

Has nothing to do with guns or safety or freedom. It’s just another symptom of the disease of capitalism. If there wasn’t huge profits to be made the problem would go away in no time.

Has nothing to do with guns or safety or freedom. It's just another symptom of the disease of capitalism. If there wasn't huge profits to be made the problem would go away in no time.
That's for sure, civilians have no need for military grade weapons and as we saw with the Las Vegas slaughter it is now simple to turn a weapon easily bought into a full auto killing machine. Congress is still doing sweet f. a. about the issues because they take large amounts of money from the gun lobby and let thousands of Americans be murdered a year so that a few people can make a lot of money. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-bumpstock-ban-20180212-story.html
For once, a mass shooting seemed to create a bipartisan consensus — rare in the polarized debate over gun control — that something had to change. In the days after a gunman killed 58 people at an outdoor country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in October, members of Congress set their sights on "bump stocks," devices that allow a semiautomatic firearm to mimic a fully automatic one. Lawmakers called for more regulation of bump stocks and even outright bans. They vowed — Democrats and Republicans alike — to make the issue a legislative priority. But that was then. Four months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Congress has not acted on bump stocks, while states and local governments have moved to limit the sale and possession of the devices.


https://whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com/today/ Day 392: "You guys are the adults." By Matt Kiser 2/15/2018 1/ Trump, in a tweet, suggested that students and neighbors should have reported the Florida shooter to authorities, because there were "so many signs" that the shooter "was mentally disturbed." The FBI was warned in September about a possible school shooting after a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz – the same name as the shooter who killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – left a comment that read: "Im going to be a professional school shooter." The FBI said it had investigated the comment, but was unable to identify the person who posted it. (NBC News / CNN / BBC)
Trump's budget would cut millions of dollars from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which gun dealers use to verify if someone is banned from buying a gun before selling it to them. (HuffPost) One of Trump's first actions as president was to undo a regulation that would have made it more difficult for people with a known mental illness to buy guns by requiring their names to be entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Nikolas Cruz legally purchased the AR-15. (ABC News)
2/ A student who witnessed the shooting called out lawmakers on TV, looking directly into the camera and saying: "We're children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role. Work together, come over your politics, and get something done." He added: "Ideas are great but without action, ideas stay ideas and children die." (CNN) 3/ The leader of a white supremacist group said the gunman in the Florida shooting was a member of his "white separatist paramilitary proto-fascist organization." Nikolas Cruz, 19, is accused of killing 17 people in one of the deadliest school shootings in modern American history. His peers say he also wore a "Make America Great Again" hat in school. (Anti-Defamation League / The Daily Beast / New York Times)
were it only so
Thousands of Central Florida students walk out calling for end to gun violence Posted By Monivette Cordeiro on Wed, Mar 14, 2018 https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/14/thousands-of-central-florida-students-walk-out-calling-for-end-to-gun-violence Thousands of Central Florida students joined nationwide school walkouts Wednesday to call for an end to gun violence and honor the people killed in a mass shooting at a Parkland high school one month ago. Most students gathered for 17 minutes in a tribute to the 17 students and teachers who were gunned down by a 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14. The students who survived the shooting started the #NeverAgain movement, a call to action that has inspired young people to advocate for gun reforms like banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
Students inspired by Parkland walk out of class, call for gun reform CBS Evening News Published on Mar 14, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0pTBsSOPcs
#Walk Up - not Walk Out https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2018/03/13/school-shootings-inspire-new-movements-national-school-walkout-and-walk-up-not-out/420837002/ {Sounds good as one of many approaches - all are needed.}
NRA battles Florida Republicans over gun crackdown The Florida debate will be closely watched beyond Tallahassee, as President Trump discusses various gun violence-related proposals. By MATT DIXON 02/26/2018 https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/26/florida-guns-republicans-nra-parkland-424294 TALLAHASSEE — The National Rifle Association, equipped with a vaunted political email list and support from passionate single-issue voters, is gearing up to take on Florida Gov. Rick Scott and GOP leaders as they tee up a rarity in Florida lawmaking: gun control legislation. The central question for Republicans as the state’s legislative session enters its final weeks is whether the NRA, which opposes the GOP-written measures, will get rolled by a collection of lawmakers it helped get elected.