None of what is happening is new

I don’t really want to go too deep into this one, but a younger friend of mine shared this, from 1986. Someone who spoke very well about Reagan and how we were exploiting what we called the “3rd world”. We don’t call it that now, they want us to believe we are promoting democracy and helping those countries develop. Truth, since at least the East India Tea Company, the richest people have been going to places where they can get richer, and getting 1,000% or more return on their investments, because they don’t give anything to the people who live there or work there, for them.

America has done this all over the world, and the world finally figured out how to fight back, so they are trying to do it here.

What does this mean? Who is trying HERE and what are they trying to do ? Ambiguous

Capitalism is the worst. It feeds on greed and if the consumer doesn’t feed the greed, then the Capitalists crack down like a “massa”. It’s just another form of slavery. Prior to the 70s, it wasn’t like this in the U.S. but the Capitalists , such as the Koch Brothers, decided it wasn’t meant to be shared with common people and the common people needed to do their bidding so their greed could be fed. The Capitalists enslaved people in other countries, giving them barely enough to feed, clothe, and house themselves, much less their families and now they are doing it here in the U.S. It’s not other countries we need to fear, as much as it is our own government, which has become capitalistic, not democratic. We don’t need to fear healthcare for all, free education through college, or alike. We need to fear the 1%, who control/oppress the U.S. and have oppressed other countries.

However, we can’t fight back like the totally brainwashed did January 6th, backing a would be dictator, especially if want to keep our democracy. Backing the wrong person won’t keep democracy. What happened Jan. 6 was a threat to democracy. That would totally feed the greed of Capitalism.

I live in the US. I thought you knew that.

“They”, in this case, are the people who own the land, the factories.

They have been changing laws over the last 100 years to reduce the power of the middle class.

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You saying democracy is a threat to capitalism?

No. That’s not what I said. I’m talking about money and politics

All in a vacuum. Course

Vacuum? I’m talking about history. The video is from 1986 and the way the US acts in the world has not changed much since then.

Remind me again, what leaders do you agree with? What political philosophy do you advocate? You contradict others do much, I forget what it is you stand FOR

It’s more like capitalism is a threat to democracy.


Related to this is that it’s odd that in a country that says it values Democracy, there are so many corporations that are basically dictatorships. You would think non-union corporations would be the exception, and democracy loving CEOs etc would be all for unions. But alas, the disease of capitalism runs rampant. Yet another hypocrisy going back to the beginning. Come to think of it, if democracy was the goal, why isn’t there something directly in the constitution about corporations? Those pre-date the founding fathers, who I’m sure knew all about the anti-democratic nature of corporations.

You talk like things happen in a vacuum

Capitalism is an economic system and democracy is political. There is an interesting quote in the speech about that. My internet at home is down, so I’m out for breakfast, getting caught up. I won’t be responding to triple’s trolling so much for a few days.

Things just happen. No explanation required. Ho hum shrug shoulders hands in the air it is what it is

Capitalism has become political and has taken over the government, IMHO.

Did you listen to the speech triplex? He connects dots. I don’t agree with every line,

He addresses that. Capitalist say say they are protecting freedom and democracy when really they are protecting their own economic interests

“I don’t agree with every line”

That’s nice dear